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Trying to install assassins creed valhalla on xbox one, will work off-line but will not download update to play online, constantly met with message "You need this update, but we can't get it at the moment. Try again in a while. (0x8b050033)"

Have corresponded with Microsoft xbox one support and they're forwarding to internal review, and now I would appreciate ubisoft help

EDIT: List of things Microsoft support asked me to do:

  • Power-cycle my console
  • power-cycle my router
  • soft reset of the console
  • remove my xbox account and then power-cycle the console
  • hard factory reset of the console
  • uninstall and reinstall the game (game would install but the update wouldnt attempt to download)

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Hey there.

Sorry to hear about this.

This error usually means that Xbox servers are undergoing maintenance, if this error is occurring outside of server maintenance we would have advised similar troubleshooting to the steps you've already been offered via Microsoft Support. There is currently no known widespread issues on our end for downloading the game and/or updates for it but I will keep an eye out for more reports of this. I hope you're able to get this resolved via Microsoft Support if you haven't already done so.

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@henryxbox80 Hey there!

We appreciate you getting in touch here to let us know what worked for you.

Hopefully if any players experience a similar issue, they will be able to follow the steps you've given here to resolve the issue.