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I survived two waves but then nothing happened for a while. Wave 2/3 in the upper corner and no enemies anywhere in sight. I ran around the fight area and an enemy spotted me from further away. It was an invisible Werewolf, couldn't lock on to it or do any damage. Needless to say i had to restart the challenge.

EDIT: I restarted, passed wave 2/3 but now i'm stuck at wave 3/3. Enemies slayed, standing in the pond all alone.

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Hey there folks.

I have merged a couple more threads on this issue into the same thread just to try and keep everything in one place.

I can confirm the development team are aware of this particular issue and it's under active investigation at the moment. I have passed your reports on to the team investigating this issue.

@slirran @ridenourrichard @Digoo19

The issue you've mentioned in this thread regarding being unable to move during the Oskoreia Festival should have been resolved via a hotfix earlier today. If however the issue persists for any of you after rebooting your game please let us know.

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Hey all,

We have a video forwarded to the game team showing the wolf stuck behind the tree, but if anyone is able to record one showing you are not get anyone to attack / an invisible werewolf that you can't hurt, we'd like to forward this on for you too.

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