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My first run (up to the first daughter of the three) went normally and then crashed unplayable. Unfortunately, there was no earlier manual save, so it couldn't be rolled back to an earlier point. I had to start the game from scratch. Game stayed installed, but all savegames were deleted, and then restart and start all over again...
Game-break-Bug No1 - Boss enemy bug - known to Ubi

Game-break-Bug No.2 - Ireland... also well known by UBIsoft since start ACV...
Alluded to in the first run and almost finished, now in the 2nd run (new start) the ship does not dock and the character sits in the boat (!?). Responds to no key presses (exit with C or weapons (left-click PC).

Since one world is completely completed and another random/rare plus time and effort is invested, re-install is NOT a point of discussion.
Where is the Ireland Fix, which has been known in Comm and Support for more than a year?

Support with Tickets do never help me since 2+ Years so I have many unsolved Cases (but closed by UBISOFT with no help) of FarCry/Assassin´s Creed Games (have all Games of both Series) thats why I am search here at last for a solution....

(This Case is Ticket Number 17261513 by the way, if someone is interested in that NopeSup Drama again...)

Screeny 1:
Boat drive to Ireland coast but do not docking... run full speed into other ships then stops and no (PC) Keys work, even not "C" to get out ...

I try to fix it by deleting "Automatic Saves" and go back to last (manual) Savepoint what works, but still cant go Ireland (again) ...
btw: the corrupt Files are deleted at my PC-Savegames and now the are shown as "corrupt" - that is no problem but my luck is to have 2 manual Savegames at a direct point before I start "Fly" to Ireland and Bug happens...

Do anyone have an idea how to fix this in BugFestValhalla ?


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Hey there @Schrotti_GER!

Sadly there's not much we can do to recover corrupted save files, but if you haven't already then can you please make sure that you've completed our basic technical troubleshooting?

Also, when you try travelling to Ireland is the game crashing immediately, or do you get stuck in an infinite loading screen? Are you getting any specific error codes?

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Hey fatpuma_Matt,

I'm sorry that the issue persists. Could you please try the steps provided in this guide and let us know if the issue persists?

Thank you very much.