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In the Cassivellaunus Tomb, I cannot interact with the floor pad where the object goes. This is the floor pad where the object from the lever goes. It is the pad near the water wheel. Eivor has to carry the object up and over, shooting the various obstacles with the arrow to clear the way. When I arrive at the pad with the object, there is no interact action available. This is my last puzzle piece and the final tomb for me, and I cannot complete it to finish the armor set.

I was able to finish the tomb on my other save game file; however, it remains bugged on my save main game file. I have 400+ hours on my main save file and no nearby saves. Is there a way to reset the tomb from a cloud file?

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Hello @oirwin thanks for reaching out to us.

We have not had any issues that I can see reported so far for this particular tomb, for the object pad.

First thing I would like you to try, if you are not doing so already, can you change the games graphical presets to High in the menu? As using a lower preset was known to interfere with the puzzle and cause objects to be hard to see.

Secondly, are you able to record a short clip on your Xbox or phone, showing how you can not interact on your main save?

Are you able to upload a video clip you have captured, to a video hosting website such as Imgur, Youtube, or Twitter, then send us a link to view this please?


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