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Odd coloring, sharp sky dome-to-floor visual, and particle effect titles. This is an phenomina that happens quite often when I boot my file or fast travel on the map.


22 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @rcdeschene,

Sorry to hear that you encounter texture issues in game.

You mentioned this happens often, can I check exactly what you see every other time?

Many thanks

20 days ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

I appreciate you getting me the video clip @rcdeschene.

Please run through the quick troubleshooting steps in this guide, if that doesn't help:

  • Could you tell me whether you have the game installed internally or on an external drive and how much space is on that drive?
  • Does it happen whether you're booting with a manual or quicksave?
  • Have you noticed a pattern in when or where it occurs when you fast-travel or is it random?

Thanks in advance!

13 days ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Gotcha @rcdeschene.

Thanks for answering those questions for me.

How much space is on your internal drive?

Also, just to rule out a couple of things, run through this quick troubleshooting guide and let me know the results, please.