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I'm unable to do the mastery bear challenge in St. Guthlac's Point (season 2), because there is no given weapon.

In this bear challenge's overview page, it appears that the player should be given the Gae Bolg and fight our way through. (I do own this spear from WotD campaign, if that affects anything.) However, once I've entered the mission, Eivor appears to be empty-handed. There's nothing on her back nor in her hands. She fights with her fists, so it's not a visual glitch. I paused, and the challenge menu still insists that my loadout includes the Gae Bolg. Judging by the timer, how the loadout synchs up, and that most enemies are holding metal shields, I don't think this challenge is possible with fists...?What's going on here?

I've tried restarting, exiting the mission, exiting mastery challenge, and restarting the game. No progress so far. Playing on PC Ubisoft Connect.

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Hey @MHwtf

I just checked a video online to make sure, but no, you should have your weapon available. Could you record a video of this so we can forward it on to the dev team please?

13 days ago - Ubi-Perseids - Direct link

Hi @mhwtf!

Thank you for providing that video! I'd like you to please try these troubleshooting steps here to see if they help with this issue at all. If you see no difference and are still unable to get the Gae Bolg to show up correctly, please update this thread to let us know. I'd also ask that you make sure you have your latest save uploaded to the cloud. You can find the steps to do that here.

If the troubleshooting doesn't help, once we have that cloud save, we can go ahead and get this reported to the team. Thank you! 😁

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