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Enemies who don't attack, randomly stop attacking or walk backwards until they leave the combat zone:


Enemies not responding to whistles as they should (seems to be mainly an issue with archers):

Getting an error when looking at too many photos on the map:

Other issues:

  1. Some photos taken disappear from the map too soon after being taken. In Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Origins every picture will show up on the map until the limit is reached (~200 pictures). When that happens the oldest picture will be removed from the map and replace by the newer one. I'm pretty sure that's the way it's supposed to work in Valhalla, but it just doesn't work. Some of the pictures I've taken in Odyssey date back from 2019, and they still show up on the map.
  2. Stealth detection system is broken, enemies sometimes detect the player instantly even if they're far away no matter the difficulty setting. The Mastery Trials are a good way to test this out.
  3. Auto-aim is really bad, doesn't follow the enemy well enough and it forces the crosshair to stay on the torso making headshots a headache. Another feature that worked great in Odyssey and in Origins but doesn't in Valhalla.
  4. Random crashes. No idea why they happen. It's been getting better but it still happens. Odyssey never crashes.

All of these issues/bugs weren't a thing in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Origins so why are they an issue in Assassin's Creed Valhalla ? The photo mode has always worked perfectly for me in Origins and Odyssey, I've been playing the latter again recently for a couple weeks now, no issues, AT ALL. Valhalla on the other hand ? It only worked on release day.

Can we get an ETA for when any of this will get fixed ? Or at least addressed so we know that Ubisoft is not just ignoring game breaking bugs. Or is it just gonna be more silence/useless troubleshooting I've already tried 10 times.

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Hey @nozgame ,

I'll try to address all your issues here but it's easier to manage a thread and conversation with other users on the forums if issues are posted separately. If others jump in and everyone starts discussing multiple issues in the same thread, it gets a bit hard to follow.

The photo mode issue with giving a connection error when viewing some is a known issue and already being looked into. Regarding the photos on the map being old, this is possibly linked to the same issue, so I'll update the report to say this happens too.

We have also already reported that the enemies are able to detect Eivor to a very high level (through walls, when Eivor is on a platform above them, etc) so this is already being looked into.

Auto-aim isn't generally used to make headshots too easy to achieve but I can pass this on as feedback.

I can't see any known issues with whistling or AI behaviour like what you have shown in the videos so we can report those too. How often would you say each of these issues happens?

Crashes can be caused by various things. It's best to reach out to us privately so we can check system files to get a better look into what may be causing those for you.  You can do so on the links below:

Tickets & Live Chat:



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@nozgame No worries. We won't mind if you ever suddenly created multiple threads, so don't ever feel worried about that. We would only care if it was actual spam messages that weren't related to the game or contain nothing for example, but actual issues, it's fine.

I'll have another check for issues with the AI and whistling and forward your videos on to report these issues.

Hope the crashing has eased for you. If not, feel free to reach out through one of the private messaging channels I mentioned above and we'll have a look into this for you.

Edit - If you can provide any more video examples of the AI behaviour doing what you have mentioned (don't attack, randomly stop attacking or walk backwards until they leave the combat zone), that would great and I'll add those to the report too.

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Hello there @Nozgame!

The development team have been taking a closer look at your reports, and would like some more information about the issue you've encountered when whistling at enemy NPCs. They've been unable to reproduce this issue during their testing, and were hoping you could provide some more specific information.

In the videos you've provided, this has occurred during the "Ringing Cyne Bell" quest. Have you noticed this behaviour outside of the quest location as well, or did it only happen in Cyne Bell? If you can provide examples of other locations this behaviour has occurred in, we can include this in your report.

Does it also only happen in specific spots, such as when hiding behind walls or sacks on the upper levels of the fort? They are interested in knowing if Eivor's specific placement when whistling could be potentially causing this issue.

If you have any additional videos to share with us, we'll gladly pass these along to the team to see if they can help with the ongoing investigation.

Thanks! 😊