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@ubi-keo Welp can say that as of 11th of January 2022 it seems to STILL be broken and I am unable to land any fish and complete the challenges. Only got the game a few weeks ago but was really hoping most of the game breaking bugs would be worked out by now. Can't even remember how many times I've fallen through the map on a river raid loosing all my progress bloody annoying and a pathetic excuse for a game.

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Sorry to hear you're running into this as well, @C_CashMan! Can you please also make sure that your save has been uploaded to the cloud, and then provide us with a video while making sure to show everything listed in the previous post by @Ubi-Keo?

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Hi @Trinity149 I'm sorry to hear that you also experienced issues catching fish on a small boat.

Thanks for the information and video that you provided, I will forward these on to the development team.