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Hi there

Does anybody has a clue how to trigger the meteor strike in the game ????
After more the 500 hours of game time , i still do not had the experience to encounter this event 😞


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Hey there @basel19751224 !

My understanding is that the meteor event is random and can't necessarily be triggered on demand.

There doesn't appear to be any locations more common to see the meteor than others, some have just been lucky enough to see it more than once.

Keep watching the skies!

18 days ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Hello there!

I've heard of this mysterious meteor event myself, and I've often wondered if there is a specific trigger. As mentioned by my colleague @Ubi-TheBerry, our understanding is that this event is random and rare. It would be a bit odd to constantly see meteors falling out of the skies after all ☄ I've reached out to the team to see if we can get any more information on this event, though, and whether there are any specific triggers that make it more likely to happen.

You can indeed get resources back from downgrading equipment, @SpirantCrayon22! You should get the resources you used to originally upgrade the gear back, so this can vary between the level and quality of the item you're downgrading. You should be able to preview what resources you should get back in the downgrade menu at the Blacksmiths, if you are interested in seeing what you'll get back from the downgrade.

Thanks! 😊

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