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Hello, I play AC Valhalla on PS4 Pro.
Every time I launch the game, before main menu appears, there is a long screen with "checking for add-ons" lettering. Every time. I measured it today and it takes 70 seconds.
Even without this nuisance, the loading times of this game are very long and it takes four and a half (!) minutes to load the game (from launching the game till the moment I can actually control the character). This "checking for add-ons" thing only makes this process longer than necessary.
So I have questions:

  1. Why it's taking so long?
  2. Why do you have to "check for add-ons" every time in the first place? I mean, how often there is a new add-on? There were only three major ones since the game's release. Is it necessary to bother players with it every time they launch the game? Why not "check" for it like once a month or make an option to turn it off?

Thank you for your explanation.

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Hey there @GreyDadel, thank you for bringing this up! I don't have any direct answers to your questions but I would like to look into this further and see what I can do to help. To start, can you knock out the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ article? Those steps will make sure the game is running properly and efficiently, and it will eliminate most causes of common technical issues. After they are completed successfully, please let me know if that helps at all. I'd like to know either way, and I'll collect additional information for a new report if necessary.

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@SpirantCrayon22 Oh I completely agree, Valhalla definitely can have some lengthy load times 😥 I just wanted to make sure the game software was executing properly before we proceed! Even if issues are reported, our teams will want to be updated on topics like this and will sometimes want additional information etc.

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@lemmie88 @SpirantCrayon22 Hi !

In regards to loading times when the game is checking for add-ons, could you let us know if this other guide helps ?

It includes steps dedicated to checking the connectivity environment of the game, in order to make sure that the game is syncing as fast as possible.