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Re: [Assassination sound WAY too loud](/topic/80972/assassination-sound-way-too-loud)
I hate to reactivate this necro thread BUT this stupid assassination sound vaporizes your brains, it increases your heartbeat rate up to 220 bpm along with arterial pressure at 20 with 16, it DOES NOT have a *** option menu to goddamn deactivating it.
To make matter WORSE, when Eivor stealth kill a zwei-hander guy (Banneret?) it goes BOOM, BOOM, BOOM three goddamn *** times!!!
Leave only that "swoosh" slash sound (which is very good/pleasant/etc btw)
Please have mercy of our souls and nerves and patience.

18 days ago - Ubi-Auron - Direct link

Hi @CivisRomanus and welcome to the forums!

I understand that this might be a frustrating issue, but please refrain from using foul language, even with alternative spelling, thanks!

Sorry to hear that the assassination sound is way louder that the rest of the game audio. I couldn't find any new reports about this issue. Could you please provide me some more information about this, so that I can pass it on for investigation? Please answer the questions below:

  • What platform are you experiencing this on?
  • What audio setup are you using (wired/wireless headphones, speakers etc.)?
  • Is only the assassination sound affected?

Please also record a short video showing your current audio settings in-game as well as assassination sound played out and send us a link to it - it will greatly help in the investigation!

If you have any further questions, or require further assistance, let us know!

17 days ago - Ubi-Peach - Direct link

@CivisRomanus Thank you for that information! I have passed it to the investigating team. If we need any additional information, we will be reaching back out to you here. Please keep your eyes on News and Announcements for any updates.