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I've been trying the raven mastery challenge for over 2 hours and every time I think I get it the last kill doesn't count as an air assassination. I always go for the guy in the very back of the cave but it never seems to work. I always end up with 946 points and I did the math and every kill should be 54 points.

4 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @guest-2iwy16s9

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling to complete the mastery challenge. Would you be able to upload a clip of one of your attempts so we can see if there is an issue and get it reported if so please?

4 months ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link

Hey @Fredericco400, thanks for your detailed input - much appreciated!

After having a closer look, I can see that there has been a similar report being sent regarding one of the targets in the hideout, however our team did face some difficulty with reproducing it, therefore so that we could look into it, could you advise us what platform do you play on and also, is there any chance you could provide us with video footage showcasing this?

Let us know and we will take it from there!