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i saw i could buy a second Hel's scythe at the event merchant. So why not right?

i updraded it to max and when i tried equipping both Hel's scythes my game started freaking out lol.

the runes would merge into the same scythe and a third scythe showed up in my inventory. after that the scythe in one hand would drop to the ground and i can throw it, main issue with the bug tho. the actual weapon drops from your inventory as well, i tried it out with gungnir and random other weapons and they would all fall.

Luckily i had a save from before the purchase so crisis averted.

i tried loading a save with the 2x scythes still in my hands, and they ended up loading in mid air.

Have fun playing around with the glitch, just make sure to keep a clean save.

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@thenorfolkian @RietN7

Hey there folks!

Thanks for the reports. I can confirm the development team are aware of this issue and it's under active investigation at the moment but thanks for bringing it to our attention. I have moved the other thread from general discussions over to Player Support and merged them together just to keep things in one place. As soon as we have any updates on this we'll share these to the forums. Cheers!

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Thanks for confirming this too @jeremy7071xx if you can, try to load up a save from before you acquired the second scythe, if you don't have one of these save files, I would hold off upgrading any of the scythes until we can hopefully patch this, as we can't guarantee the upgrade will be saved or the materials used will not be lost as you expereinced!

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