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Hey @armoflame


It sounds like there might be something blocking the game from starting up correctly. Have you had the chance to try starting up your PC in a Clean Boot to see if that helps at all? If there is something else running on the PC that's not allowing the game to launch that may help get around it. 

For more information on how to set one up check out the EA Help website. Let me know if you're still having any trouble with the game not starting after that. Thanks!




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@Shifty54321 wrote:

@EA_Kent  Why are we pretending it's not the exact same issue everyone else in the megathread is having whereby EAC is absolutely borked and won't let people into the game since the latest update?

Likely because his post was back in 2020 and this thread appears to have been necro'd. Standard smile


Thanks for linking the more recent thread on the subject, please keep an eye out there for any updates as we have them folks!


Locking this thread here to avoid other necroposting.