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Originally posted by GlorylnDeath

I guess they decided to change their plans. They stated several times during the lead-up to Genesis Part 1 that the Genesis series would be a step away from the main storyline to give them time to do something big as a conclusion.

It's a divergent series of events from what we were following up to the conclusion of Extinction, but still critical story.

Originally posted by tyzam1

Thanks for trying it out! Maybe /u/zenrowe can help?

I don't actually have any such magic powers here, for that you will want to get the attention of one of the moderators here, such as /u/jslay88.
This is all community managed and maintained.

Originally posted by noodledoodle07

WHAT TF IS THAT? a flesh managarmr?

anyway I’m hyped

Please, for all that is good in this world, don't called it that. It does not mesh well with how I see most people say Managarmr.

Originally posted by GlorylnDeath

Genesis isn't the "end" of ARK, though. It isn't even really part of the main storyline - it's basically a side arc. After Genesis, we'll get the next part of the story, which may or may not be the actual "end" - but I would bet on at least 2 or 3 expansions after Genesis Part 2 before the main storyline reaches a conclusion.

As we gear-up for the epic conclusion of ARK: Survival Evolved’s storyline with ARK: Genesis Part 2

Genesis is definitely part of the main storyline.