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20 Jul

This was due to the global Cloud Flare outage.

18 Jul

17 Jul

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! This week we take a look at some awesome community fan art and community content. Summer Bash will be wrapping up on July 21'st, so be sure to make the best of those wonderful summer days in ARK.

EVO Event

While Summer Bash is active from June 25th to July 21st, there will be no special EVO event rates.

Summer Bash Rates
  • 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • 4X Player XP
  • 4X Harvesting
  • 4X Taming

Fan Art
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

The event on official servers was extended, but the automatic activation by date has passed. If you want to continue to run the event on your unofficial servers use the launch arg

16 Jul