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21 Dec

20 Dec


I wish you @INSIDER_NL and everyone on AHQ a happy and healthy holiday season Star



Feliz Navidad a ti tambien!



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Thank you so much Standard smile

Hope you have a very happy holiday season! EACade
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Happy Holidays to you too @INSIDER_NL and to everyone else 🥳 🎄 ☃️

Quelqu'un vous vient en aide? Vous pouvez lui donner un peu d'XP
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Thank you and happy holidays to you and everyone here!



Week 1 // The Assault on Nordvik - Conquest Assault // December 20-27

The notorious Black Storm regiment leads the attack on Nordvik. While the Eastern militia attempts to seize the surrounding territory, the Nordvik Control Corps battles to secure the region, halting Black Storm’s advance before it is too late.

This is 32v32 Conquest Assault with a focus on fast-paced ground-only warfare. The conflict starts with the defending team holding all objectives and waiting for the incoming assault. Every decision matters as you fight over key positions across the Battlefield. 

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As the Battle of Nordvik is ...

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19 Dec

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Hey @s666_JRodriguez,


I've edited your post as we cannot review these reports on the forums. If you didn't get a chance to report in-game, please check the steps below to report this to the appropriate team so action can be taken. Thank you for taking the time to bring that to our attention!


  • Don't "name and shame." If you see a suspected cheater, please ...
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