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10 Jan


Mouse stuck won’t go up or down just left and right.

This happens sometimes when you exit a vehicle, climbing something or entering start menu etc can break this. This is a known issue and will be added to our known issues thread this week while the team work on correcting it.

People who dies next to the wall can’t be revived.

We've been working on improving this behaviour however instances still remain where its possible not to revive, such as stacks of pipe geometry, this will be readedd to our known issues thread.

On renewal people can hide in the walls and shoot you through it.

Team have tried to ensure this doesn't happen as much as possible but it's the nature of any game to have some spots like this, if you come across any, do message me privately and I'll forward them on for blocking. Some have also already been sent through.

Vehicles loud out reset to default randomly and it’s annoying.

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These feel like platform level issues and not relate to the game. I've also had it where at random the controller will lose connectivity with the console and upon reconnect sound doesn't play throughwith a load of titles, reconnecting it again fixes it.

The only things to suggest is to reposition your console, ensure your batteries etc.

On the subject of your stick drift, use some compressed air to b low any dirt from it, pull on the toggle until you hear a click and push back in, or ultimately consider a new controller.

Ps: sorry for any typos, vis mobile at early hours!😊 goodluck!

09 Jan



Hey Izzy,

Not seeing this on my end, could you take a screenshot of it still showing up as TDM on your main menu or portal menu (wherever you're seeing this?)

Will relay it through as soon as possible.



Will work to get this passed onto the team, in the meantime, and if you have such a thing, would you be able to message me with a lengthier clip of this taking place - that shows you ending up in this situation? The "before" really helps the team dial this sort of stuff in.



Originally posted by Yazoolol

You're extremely wrong, I contacted EA via live chat, someone answered immediately and I didn't even have to justify that I had done the necessary takedowns, the person just activated the reward on my account and that was that. Good and fast customer support experience.

Sorry for the delayed response to this, for future reference to anyone else experiencing this - contacting EA Help through this link will allow you to go through steps in claiming the cosmetic that you may have been unable to aquire.

Dev team over at DICE are aware of this and are working to resolve it so that you don't need to hit up the support team too, sorry about that!


They are often created and discussed over on the /r/BattlefieldPortal sub, as well as via whichever platform that the Experience creator themselves choose to use to share it to the community.

There's also a pretty swanky Experience Browser on BFPrime, love the work that those folks have put into that.

And while I cannot share definitives on when they will be, you can expect "Redlight Greenlight" and "Zombie" style modes as Featured Experiences in t...

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08 Jan

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If you have been playing for too long, you will not be able to refund. 


Please see information on Returns and Cancellations here:



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07 Jan

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Hey @OOops_PanZer,

Unfortunately it is not possible to cross-play an Xbox Series S|X with the Xbox One.
More information about this can be found here:


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@ArchAngeL-PCX, gotcha, thanks. For the Condor it indeed mentions "Kills, Assists, and teammates Spawned with the MV-38 Condor", so not with all vehicles, but the Condor itself. Could that be the confusion?


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Hey @ArchAngeL-PCX,

Just to check; do you think that the progression is stuck, or is it more of a question if you perform the correct requirements?


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