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16 Dec

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@ItsTheBritishGuy Xbox One/S/X and Playstation 4/4 pro as they dont support above 64 players.




* Tag me with @EA_Atic if you are responding to me. Thumbs up

* If you like the comments of other players please give them XP. ...

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15 Dec

14 Dec


Hi @Michaelp800,

thanks for the detailed feedback!

I can surely forward it to the team. A lot of your points have actually already been forwarded and are currently being discussed. As soon as we have further information, on possible upcoming changes, we will let you know. Until then, best to follow the new ...

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13 Dec

12 Dec




At the moment the following languages are supported on Answers HQ: 


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11 Dec


Hey all,

Sorry for the inconvenience some of you are having, we're working to get this addressed as soon as possible. We'll relay any updates through Battlefield Direct, so keep your eyes peeled and we'll get you back in the game as soon as possible.

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Hey, for contacting an admin making a report is usually the best option. I'm here now though so if you send me a DM with the post in question I'll take a look.

From your description it sounds like it got merged in error, which should be easy enough to undo. David.png

10 Dec

09 Dec

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