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04 Nov


Originally posted by stephen_drewz

Has it been confirmed if we get XP whilst playing Portal?

While playing any of the three core experiences of Battlefield 2042, All-Out Warfare, Battlefield Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal you will always be gaining progression/xp. Have at it! 😀


Originally posted by JeeringDragon

Does it say anything about options for creating more than two teams? Can we have like 20 teams for 4 player squads fighting it out???

There will always be two factions/teams at play for the time being, however who knows what the future may hold, we'll naturally continue to share community feedback to the team as we go!


Originally posted by MintMrChris

Sweet jesus that is good, the amount of replayability this offers alone, kudos to Ripple Effect, they have even thought of a lot of presets etc

This is the kind of info they need to be plastering everywhere, I can't be the only one that saw the original Portal reveal trailer and had a huge smile on my face, they could easily make 10 more with the options on offer here lol

Appreciate the kind words!!

03 Nov


Originally posted by suika_suika

You can't tell us if we can use 2042 weapons with bf3 classes in conquest? Pretty important question. Don't really understand that, but alright.

Yes, within Battlefield Portal you can mix and match.

There's just a ton of options, and I hope you'll have fun checking them all out :)


A Boris vs Boris staredown.. it will be an intense match.


Originally posted by CL4P-TP_Claptrap

Hello Straatford,

thank you for taking your time to explain us how this aspect of Portal works, it is highly appreciated! After reading the blog and your comment I still have some open questions about Portal which would be great if you could clarify on.

1) Can weapons and vehicles from all era's be used by all factions (i.e. the Russians from BF3 using K98 rifles and the T28 Armata from Bf2042)?

2) Will such changes only be possible with the logic editor (which will not be available in Conquest and Rush) or is it possible to achieve these changes within the "basic" rules editor (if these changes are possible at all)

I really hope you can clarify these questions as quite alot of people (including me) seem to be confused and uncertain on this regard. Once again thank you for your time!

Since we are so close to (Early Access) launch, I think part of the fun is also to leave some questions unanswered so you can start discovering for yourself when you jump into Portal.

We've detailed quite a lot of the available options already, but I encourage you to check out the Battlefield Portal website when it launches, and browse and play around with the different options.

As mentioned, you don't need to own Battlefield 2042 to start creating experiences on the website, just login with your EA account and you are good to go.

Lastly, as soon as as the website is live we'll let you know because we understand you are eager to jump in!


Originally posted by Mashedpotatoebrain

If you create a complex game, can you save the settings so you can easily recreate it if the server shuts down or whatever?

Yes 🐧


Originally posted by Tboe013

God help us if One frame drops below 60

Well played 😂


Originally posted by Mally-Mal99

Yes, this was in the announcement back in July and is included in this one. By default the weapons are specific to their factions but you can turn that off.

Correct, you can mix and match. And that's a major part of the fun!

I'll quote the relevant bits from the latest Battlefield Briefing where it's explained in detail:

Characters"Depending on what you chose in the previous section, you’ll then be able to deselect which classes (or 2042 Specialists) are playable. You’ll also have the options to denote which factions show up in-game. The UK, US, and German factions are available for 1942, with the game appropriate versions of the USA and Russia available for the rest."

Weapons:"In total, there are over 75 Weapons available across the entire experience of Battlefield Portal at launch. Now that you’ve chosen your factions, you’ll have the ability to manage what weapons are available. If both teams are from the same era, you can also make use of our unlink teams function to customize exactly which weapons each team is gaining access to."

There's a ton more...

Read more

Originally posted by wirmyworm

Well its as advanced as we thought I supposed, even have the old Battlefields there too. Seems like a straight up old school Battlefield remake

We'll be looking forward to what you'll all be making! Hoping to see some insanely cool modes 🐧

02 Nov

01 Nov

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Originally posted by Cabnbeeschurgr

Ohhh I thought since you were the cm for battlefront 2

Ah yes. In another life that was me.

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Originally posted by Cabnbeeschurgr

Yooo Ben thanks for being a great community manager

If you're looking for a CM, it's not me I'm afraid :)

31 Oct


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Is this your mouse mat?

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