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Originally posted by MartianGeneral

I see, yeah it had actual faults within the script itself, which was odd to see. Thank you for the update though!

the main thing is how neighboring character would (or wouldn't) get contracted


Originally posted by MartianGeneral

It's Hindi but it has a ton of spelling errors. The bottom line says "Attention/Warning: High Power Radio"

The spelling has been fixed, the error came down to issues with how different software packages treated the hindi script. The original text was correct but as soon as it was pasted in the texture software it introduced the error.
It should be fixed at launch or shortly after!

24 Oct

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22 Oct


Originally posted by gilleard

I imagine it'll have normal lights, then when they get destroyed, switch to backup emergency lighting?

Agreed, whole other set of toys to solve the bottlenecks than in the beta. Smoke, shields, Irish's barriers/trophy system.

Not all lights will stay though, so should still be some fun opportunities after a couple of explosives goes off down there ;)

21 Oct

20 Oct

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Hey @marsk61,

What do you mean exactly? Standard smile


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19 Oct


Originally posted by Just_someguy1997

Man I gotta ask, with how negative this sub tends to be, how are you able to actually be here? Like you could help someone from going homeless this sub would still attack you for not having the house they want you to have

I like talking about my work and handing out information when I can.

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Hey @zSuperKingz,

Thanks for your visit to the forums!

While there are a few limitations to cross-progression we want to make you aware of, such as Special Edition cosmetics (such as Ultimate Edition content), the Digital Artbook & Soundtrack, unspent Premium Currency and pre-order items not carrying over, we’re excited about giving you the freedom to play and progress wherever you choose to play. Please also see our official communication regarding this: ...

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Absolutely fantastic!

Definitely wasnt expecting to see a cowboy hat though

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