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Originally posted by NibbaUser97

Instead of using gold for lvl 15. Make the card gain experience through battle similar to masteries to level them up

this is an interesting idea. however it would take like a large overhaul of… everything?

but it’s definitely an interesting concept. maybe you could earn cards for each battle played with them, sorta like boosters in marvel snap.


Originally posted by FlowerBoyPete

You apparently don't want our feedback because you insist on adding lvl 15 anyway

we are going to add level 15, and we want to do it in the best way possible.

this is why we are reaching out to see player feedback on how exactly we can do that.


Originally posted by ColbyRuby

Playing daily doesn't feel worth it, the gameplay loop isn't satisfying.

what would make it more satisfying for you?


Originally posted by Illustrious_Diamond6

Problem: A majority of the players are not happy about the new level being released.

Comparison: COC and CR are both progession based games. You know why COC players never feel bad when a new town hall is released? It is because, after the new town hall is released, the overall time taken to be completely maxed is kept same as before it was released. CR players get frustrated because every new level released, the time required to max out keeps on increasing.

Solution: With the new level, you should increase/decrease the rewards/cost in such a way that it doesn’t just keep on adding the amount of time needed to max out.

thanks for the comment. i agree that discounting gold upgrades could be a good option.


Originally posted by M0nk3ytail

gold needs to be easier to get. i’ve spent money on this game and I still can’t use decks past the main one i’ve upgraded. it just costs too much. I will say tho the ranked mode was a good addition to allow me to use new decks at a lower level cap.

thanks for the feedback and comment on ranked mode


Originally posted by Pingas23457

Progression needs to be increased by a lot.

Getting gold and such is so slow.

thanks, seems to be one of the main concerns on everybody’s minds


Originally posted by bmcater

The issue is 1. It takes way too long to max out a deck 2. The +1 level interactions are very problematic for many cards in the game. That +1 fireball that killed your musketeer or that +1 zap/snowball that killed your goblins can easily be the reason you lose a game

I'm just now starting to have multiple decks that aren't under leveled so I can finally use different decks without having to worry about it being underleveled. Adding level 15 will force me to stick with 1 deck to try and max out (which again takes so long), and then very slowly be able to max out other cards

  1. Another small thing, which obviously is a constant problem but is more prominent with adding level 15, is that once you finally max out a deck, one of the cards could get nerfed in a balance change which may end up making it weak, so your forced to either find an entirely new deck to use or your forced to switch up another card to upgrade which will even further delay the time it will ta...
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thanks for the comment. noted about the multiple decks and interactions

17 Feb

Our roadmap for the first two updates of 2023

What’s up everyone,

We recently shared our roadmap for the first two updates of 2023 and wanted to comment on the main topic of discussion - Card Level 15!

Some of you don't want new card levels - we hear you.

Some ...

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15 Feb

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