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23 Feb

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Hello, Miners! The Annual Anniversary Ghost Ship Games Live Stream is back for yet another year! Those of you who’ve been with Deep Rock during the past 5 years will be well aware of this exciting yearly event - but if you’ve just joined up during this past year, allow us to explain:

Each year during DRG’s anniversary we run a live stream session featuring the founders and key members of Ghost Ship Games, talking about the past, present, and future of the game. This year will be no exception, especially since this time we’ll be celebrating HALF A DECADE of co-op fun, lucrative mining, and fond memories - all made possible by the game itself, and not least of all YOU: The community.

The live stream will take place on {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

22 Feb

21 Feb


It's a job, and you can't really say no to a job in this economy.

20 Feb


Originally posted by Pikalika

I agree

/u/GSG_Jacob I think a nice little easter egg to honor the man would go a long way

Hey, you used it, you pay him ಠ_ಠ /s

17 Feb


Originally posted by Jagel-Spy

Hey ! Sorry to ping you, but I do have a question that's been on my mind for a while.

In the beta versions of the game, outside of the resupplies, you could also order permanent, immobile light fixtures using nitra (or gold at the time) that looked like the ones you get on the aquark platforms.

Why wasn't this feature kept ? Using nitra to get a permanent light fixture seems like a good tradeof in my opinion. I'm not saying it should be in the game if it's not a good feature, I'm just curious as to why it isn't.

Thanks in advance for reading and for any answer !

Unfortunatelly I don't remember exactly why, it was not my call.

But if I had to think of a reason, it would be to keep the resource use more pure and coop friendly (nitra for ammo, gold for credits) and to not dilute the classes (scout with light, engi with turret)


Just to clear something up, Scorched Steel/Mistwind has done several DRG items for Ghost Ship Games, and I'd personally have no fear of being scammed.

If you're curious about the price tag, that's because it's a custom-made item by one talented guy and not something that's serially manufactured in a large factory by underpaid and overworked people. Considering the work that needs to be put into making something like this from scratch, the price tag is definitely reasonable. It's expensive, yes, but it's not expensive because someone is making bank on it. It's expensive because it's a time-consuming process.

16 Feb


Good stuff!


Hi Hexawing Jennifer!


Originally posted by DeetOpianSky

Just in time to unpin the Hiring for Hoxxes post.


I’ll put it back soon.


I understand where you are comming from but we consciously descided to no have any illumination upgrades (outside of scout's flaregun). New players need illumination most of all and so we've made the maximum available out of the gate which is why there are no flare upgrades (we used to have them but descided to just roll them all into the base flare.


Originally posted by VIChiefIV

I applaude this initiative so that many starting developers have a chance to receive some guidance and have a better chance at success than if they had to fend for themselves.


PLEASE don't take big financial gambles with this. Many a publisher has gone out of business because of poor financial managing and I would hate to see this new initiative damage/ruin my favourite developer.

It’s not going to be near the same scale. Our Outlook is that we’ve had some good experiences we’d like to pass on and help others get a foothold.


Originally posted by Karol-A

Is DRG going te be self published now? Or is it staying under Coffee Stain?

We’re already doing a lot of the DRG stuff ourselves, but we’re still working with Coffee Stain on parts of it


Originally posted by Rock---And---Stone

Yes, I can guarantee that no one will hear anything! There are also 8 locks on the door. There's no way your kids will be able to get out 🥰👍

Smells a bit like sweet freedom.