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Originally posted by Weary_Position_7005

Probably but last years April fools content was added into the game (medical gowns)

The April Fools was that it wasn’t.

31 Mar


We have no plans to do this at the moment.


Hello Miners, Eggciting news! By popular demand, The Great Egg Hunt is returning! The event will start on April 4th, 1pm CET and end on April 20th, 1pm CET.

For those of you who just commenced employment within the last year, the Great Egg Hunt is a chance to eggsperience some Spring festivities together with your colleggs. What can you eggspect from this Seasonal Event, you ask? Well, let’s crack right into it!

The Great Egg Hunt Assignment For the duration of the event, a special EGG HUNT ASSIGNMENT will be available, and Management is willing to shell out a hefty reward upon completion. And on top of that, Management has thrown in an eggstra assignment - Last Year’s Spring Fashion, Which will reward you with the Spring-themed hats of yesteryear.

Hats That’s a total of 4 eggsquisite hats you... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

These look great, Rock and Stone!

30 Mar


Originally posted by deathbyharikira

Don't listen to management!! They're just trying to throw you off the trail!

Does it really make sense for a company that drops 50 ton mining rigs and countless resupply pods on the planet to try and pinch a few pennies on provisions??

NO! I'll tell you what management is REALLY doing with those eggs!! They're using them for ILLEGAL r

Remain where you are, Miner. A company representative will be with you shortly. Please put your hands in the designated circles on the wall of your cabin.


Originally posted by StasisGhaul

Yknow funnily enough, Deep Rock Galactic also rescued me from really shitty times.

I was 18, and had recently graduated from highschool. My highschool career had been extremely rough to say the least, due to the fact that my autism made it really hard for me to determine what social cues are appropriate and whatnot. This resulted in countless situations where I would hurt people without intending to, which fueled my self loathing and treatment resistant depression (I was on at least 3 different meds at the time). I also was hospitalized for months after a suicide attempt nearly killed me, where I jumped off a building.

While I’m finally out of school, my parents and I start some more active procedures to attempt to treat my depression. Nothing had been working, and I was losing hope very quickly.

Eventually, I heard about ketamine treatment. It’s essentially the same thing as shroom therapy, but the doctors give you ketamine instead to trip out on.


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Rock and Stone, Miner. That is a hell of a story and we are humbled and proud to be part of it.

29 Mar


Originally posted by Some_Ad_7059

Its Bobby05, and i don't think that that is the problem, since i have never been in the discord server before.

Not sure what's wrong then.


You may have been banned. What's your discord user name?


Ma'am, this is a Wendy's.


Bait post? Softlocked.


Originally posted by yazisiz

New player here. What is legacy mode?

It’s a version of the game close to how it released in 2018 + a couple of updates.

28 Mar


Originally posted by Alwaysafk

You're in these replies though, curious


lmao, gottem