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16 Jan


Originally posted by grinsken

Hi mark, happy birthdays .

Thank you!


Originally posted by cocklaphobia

is that how your ingame driller looks? if so that sweet.

Yes, it is!

12 Jan


What do you expect to happen if you go to the official discord of a video game and namedrop a program to pirate cosmetic DLCs? This is the official subreddit - what do you expect would happen here, too?

11 Jan


Originally posted by Nzui_254

Thanks. Also might we possibly see cosmetics for equipment and throwables in the future?

Most likely not. Skins might be nice, but nothing planned.


Originally posted by Nzui_254

Do other games have these kind of stats?

Only if they choose to collect them.

Hello Miners (and statisticians),
We hope your new year is off to a delightful start. We also hope that one of your 2024 resolutions was "consume more infographics," because that's exactly what we're here to share!

2023 was a terrific year for Deep Rock Galactic, and for the crew at Ghost Ship Games too. We decided to recap the year (as usual) by digging deep in the data mines, and pulling up the most exciting, interesting, exciting, and silly statistics we could find, to understand Deep Rock Galactic by the numbers.

If you've ever wondered about:
  • The leading cause of death for dwarves on Hoxxes
  • Where Deep Rock Galactic sits on the list of best-reviewed games on Steam
  • How many times the average dwarf passes out drunk at the Abyss Bar per year
We've got all that below, plus bucketfuls of more fun facts and data! Give it a look.

Hope everybody's doing well, and thanks for such a fun yea... Read more
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08 Jan


Originally posted by TankerD18

I think it's completely fair given that Steam doesn't give smaller games a realistic chance for the Steam Awards. I love RDR2, outstanding game, but a labor of love it is not.

Valve really needs to put it up to an industry/journalist panel that is supplemented by user votes or something. Especially seeing as Valve and Steam are one of the key players in the indie scene.

I think RDR2 winning that category is debatable, but in the end, Valve doesn't curate it, and it's up to the community to vote. I think your suggestion is good, but it's probably a lot more work than they want. Having the community decide has its charms but also major flaws.

If you want to talk about someone being robbed, Shadows of Doubt should have won Innovative Gameplay :((((


Just to clarify: We’re not mad that RDR2 won. Being popular enough to be among the five nominated is pretty great in itself, since winning it is extremely unlikely considering the size of the other contenders.
We kicked off our live stream last Thursday/Friday joking about it, and I couldn’t resist doing this as the cherry on top.

07 Jan


Originally posted by InterestingCreme9264

Funny how things turn out when you announce that you are abandoning DRG to make another DRG but with less content. Bravo.

Funny how everything you wrote is factually incorrect. 🤗


Originally posted by L33CHS33D

Lmao this stupid bootlicking community is so pathetic it makes me cringe. The game is ALREADY abandoned. Wake up, idiots. "Best dev team" my ass. How f**king needy are you people? They threw away their only good game to develop some trash mobile like games because they are greedy as f**k. If you count retarded goofy cosmetics every 2 years as "updates", than yes the game might continue to be updated. Gameplay wise it's dead and done. MAYBE they will fix bugs from time to time and call it "content" too, if you have high hopes.

Who hurt you? It wasn’t us.


Probably my biggest contribution to the game.


Originally posted by SuchMore

Don't even need to, you can just simply family share the game to a fresh account and now you copy paste your save file and boom, can join lobbies.

You can make infinite amount of accounts and do this with only one purchase.

I heavily doubt that anyone has been banned off of steam, there is no proof to verify due to the lack of centralized servers, hence hosts can fabricate anything to implicate a user.

Steam hasn't banned anyone off of drg. It's simply not possible to verify anything.

Steam tracks the owner of a game. As a developer you can restrict users using a game shared by a banned account.

Also, AFAIK family sharing requires the account to be verified with a minimum spending of $5.


Originally posted by ClandestineVegetable

Because they can sue Steam, and someone can go to jail for stealing their game - unless they can prove wrongdoing.
Which is only possible if there was a written agreement about the required in-game behaviour.

If you use Steam, you’ve agreed to their Terms of Service.


Originally posted by MisterTheX

I remember one case specifically of a player going around lobbies, teamkilling and impersonating the devs.

They got their Steam ID banned and cannot join lobbies anymore.

Aren’t you thinking of the one that impersonated you?

05 Jan

Hello Miners,
Great news: we fixed the hat!

To celebrate our nomination for the Steam Awards last month, we announced a sweet new hat: the Jagged Bugbasher! It was supposed to come out shortly after the initial blog post, but something about the hat made the whole game crash for anyone running older Ryzen CPUs.

After a bit of tinkering, we got the hat working now. We're not really sure why, or how, but it works.
So now you can grab it!

Pictured: An ancient helmet imbued with a strange and powerful aura. Legends say it contains the power to tear apart the very fabric of the world. Or at least to overheat a few CPUs.

All you've got to do is log in to Deep Rock Galactic before January 29th at 13:00 CET to claim it. It's not available for consoles quite yet, but we expect to have it out with the next patch, l... Read more
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