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05 May


Achievements were added in September 2019, while the game was still in Early Access.

04 May

02 May


You had me at Sole Survivor. Rock and Stone!


Stalker was originally meant for Season 4, so we'd already added some voicelines and a placeholder model for it.


I bet I'm just as bad at this as I am at our own version.

01 May


Even if we added it, I still don't think you'd get it, friend.


Working on it! We'll revisit the entire setup once we've moved offices this summer.

30 Apr


Greenbeards don't grow on trees, you know!


Season 5 will remove the cap on Promotions, so you can keep promoting indefinitely.


We'd never stoop so low as to utilize cheap psychological tricks like that to stoke the community.

But at the same time: There will be no petting of the Drillevator.


Good post, OP. Thank you.

Everyone here at GSG are extremely grateful for our community's ability to plainly tell us what they like and what they don't like in a civilized manner. No valid constructive criticism delivered in a sound manner should ever be met with negativity from the community. We're all human at GSG and are more than capable of making mistakes. Sometimes we get a bullseye, sometimes we don't - and we rely on our community for that candid feedback. Your feedback is literally helping us make the game better.

In short: Always speak your mind, whether positive or negative - we appreciate it greatly, so long as you keep it civil. Don't hate on others for disagreeing with your own personal take. Keep an open mind and don't assume your personal opinion is The One Valid Truth. Don't feel that any and all criticism of the game is an attack on it, but at the same time don't negate all positivity as toxic either. As with all things, it's all spectrums, people,...

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Originally posted by TheDiscordedSnarl

u/robert_gsg as Management, you are legally required to fix it! So uh... draw us a fix? Draw a fixed server? Draw a server attached to a refinery pipeline being hammered on by a dwarf? I dunno, fix it!

(I tease of course, one of the comments in this thread says something about an expired certificate, so we just have to wait. :) )

Thank you, Miner. I WILL however send this screenie to my minions - that hideous piece of UI needs to be fixed up.


Originally posted by Slime0

Wasn't there going to be some Rogue Core information in this stream? Did that get delayed or cancelled or something?

It was more of a status update, saying we've been focused on Season 5, and once that is done, we're focusing on Rogue Core up until it has released into Early Access.


A note on the "zero gameplay footage": We're keeping some stuff under wraps, and will be teasing it leading up to the release. Can't show it all on day 1, you know.

29 Apr


Hello Miners,
We’ve got a big one here! As you may (or may not) have heard, we went live last week for our On the Horizon dev stream. During the broadcast, we lifted the curtain on loads of juicy new details about Season 05 – as well as some news on our overall roadmap, and updates from our Ghost Ship Publishing titles. Thanks to everybody who tuned in, and for all the enthusiasm and great questions you brought to the stream.

In case you weren’t able to catch the broadcast live, we put together this post to run through all the highlights. We’ll take it in chronological order. Throughout the post, you'll find timestamps for the ... Read more

Originally posted by laz2727

I love how even the devs can't remember the difference between Thunderhead and Hurricane.

They’re the same picture.

27 Apr


It’s set to auto-renew, but it failed to do so. We’re looking into it, but it’s dragging out due to it being 1AM here, and the fact that the guy that originally set it up, left the company a little while back. Bad luck, really.

Edit: Axel fixed it at 3AM 🥳