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08 Dec

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Hey there! Do you remember what you were doing to make this happen?

Spamming buttons? Trying to exit while in the schematic screen? Any additional information will be super helpful.


Hey there /u/HotelMoonStW!

Can you check your messages? I've sent you some information.

Can anyone else experiencing this please use the "feedback" option and submit a bug report?

Thank you!


Originally posted by XorMalice


GUI can bug out and not give you the correct options under "schematics"->"Upgrade" (the "Modify Perks" is replaced with "Batch Recycle"). An observed workaround is to go back from schematics, select "backpack", then return to "schematics".


Bug has occurred multiple times on my PC.

If replicable, how:

1)- Go to "schematics". Select a purple schematic, and bring up the "upgrade" menu.
2)- Select "increase rarity" from the "modify perks" button on the bottom.
3)- Cancel or back out to the schematics list. Repeat steps (1)-(2) until the error happens (for me, this happens very frequently).
4)- Observe error- the "modify perks" button is replaced with "batch recycle".

PC at minimum

Thanks for adding the super clear steps on how to get this bug to occur. I was indeed able to get this to happen based on what you put here. I'll get the QA team on the case. Thank you!


Originally posted by HelloSTW

Explanation : Received Copper Trash Cannon from Troll stash llama and I can not Recycle it or put it in Collection book

Evidence :

If replicable, how : Try recycle Trash canon schematic or try to find it in colection book

Platform : PC

Thanks for the flag. The team is working to get this resolved!


Originally posted by ChumboMcScrobbles

Unfortunately i can attest this happens also on PS4, add it to the platform list please :(

We've created a Trello Card for this issue. You can use this to follow along with the status updates on the bug.

We've just released a PS4 patch with fixes for crashes and incorrect matchmaking region settings.

If you're still experiencing crashes on PC, please update your drivers to the latest version.

External link →

06 Dec


If you are experiencing crashing, please update your drivers to their latest versions.


Originally posted by KriddleKraddle

Was it worth the wait?

The reward for finishing the Canny 3 quests BEFORE the end of the year is a physical pin that will be mailed to you. Make sure your email is attached to your account and you have access to that email as you will be receiving word from Epic a few days after finishing the quest.

HUGE thanks to Burnsdg, DoomedKing, and trygetgoot for sticking with me all day (11+ hours) to complete the Canny Story.

Come check it out at

Watch the full fight at

Well done, Kriddle. Well done :)


Sneaky Sneaky :) You will know when you see it!


We’re aware of an increase in crashes for PC players.

We’re investigating this and are working towards a fix.

External link →

Originally posted by ROCKY_southpaw

What about the “Party Member underpowered” still not being fixed despite the patch notes saying it is?

The bug where you exit a mission and you are still locked under false Restrictions?


Originally posted by Reece14

As the title states, i bought it, it had no perks, friend also bought it, it also came with no perks for him, just a heads up!

Hey there! We're aware that this is an issue and we're working to get it taken care of. Here is a link to the Trello Card.