20 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link
Hi folks!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this crashing issue. Can I please ask that you list the following:

Operating System:
Graphics Card:

Also if you are yet to, please try the steps here.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.
20 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link
Hey, Rezzzy.!

Welcome to the forums. I am sorry to hear of your crashing issue. Can I ask you to try the following:


Verify your game files.
It is possible that the installation of your game is faulty. To fix this, please verify your game files:


Disable Background Applications.


Reinstall Uplay.

Update your GPU Drivers:


Should the issues persist after completing the above steps, please GET IN TOUCH, attaching DXDIAG and MSINFO reports to your SUPPORT CASE.

Thank you.
20 days ago - UbiMorning - Direct link
Hey! Moving this to Player Support.
This is a reported issue when using the Laz Burner skin. Here is the community-suggested workaround:
Step 1: Load up the game
Step 2: Alt+Tab then alt+tab back in
Step 3: press esc (if u see the esc buttons and options then proceed, if not then restart game and repeat steps 1-3)
Step 4: Go ahead and go to locker and switch your character from Laz Burner
Step 5: Restart game and load back in and you'll be ok!

Let us know if this resolves it for you!
20 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link
Further to what Ubi-Viral and UbiMorning have suggested, if anyone can provide any video footage of this happening this will be very useful.

We would like know if you were ever able to launch and play the game? If so, when did this error happen?

Could anyone experiencing this please submit your system files such as dxdiag and msinfo to help us get a better understanding of this isssue.

You can do this by submitting a ticket on our support site, near the bottom of the page via this link - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/Cases/new

Thank you for everyone's communication so far.

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