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hey, I've been getting the error code oregano-8001000b lately and don't know how fix can somebody help?

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Hi all!
Are you all still getting this error?
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Originally Posted by ofDAEDALUS
Yup, still getting it. Not even able to get to a menu. It says it's trying to connect to the server, quickly flashes (and I mean so fast you miss it if you blink) your place in the queue and the goes back to trying to connect before (~30 seconds later) it pops the error Oregano-8001000B.

Edit: To anyone still trying to figure this out, I followed all the steps on the troubleshooting page (none of which worked, but I'm mentioning in case it somehow made a difference) and eventually just flipped from a wired connection to a wireless connection and was able to get into the game. If you're getting the Oregano error message this might be a temporary fix until they patch the game to work properly.

Thanks for sharing this with us and welcome to forums!

Hopefully whoever is experiencing this issue will find your steps useful . If however issue persists after attempting to switch from wired to wireless, majority of connectivity related issues can be resolved by completing steps outlined in the following article, therefore give these a go if you haven't already and keep us updated!
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Hi johnjohn40!

Sorry to hear you have issues with your wired connection. Have you tried the steps in the article my colleague provided?


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