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13 Oct

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Originally posted by Cotlathi

Hey Erika,

I was thinking e12 from everything combined. Else it would get rather nuts, I fear. Various idol bonuses would indeed apply, as normally from idols gained from purchasing levels. This new bonus would apply on all objectives (ruby objectives, dungeons, FPs, challenges, etc). However, the new bonus could only be increased by buying more talent levels and gathering enough Dungeon Points to unlock more Dungeon levels.

You like it if players try to get as far as possible on a run, right? Imho, this game has a solid core mechanic if you want to reward that. Levels purchased, areas unlocked, time spent… But it’s been lying in the dust, while bonus idols and percentage-of-current-idols have taken the spotlight. Let’s dust it off, because it’s perfect if going deep is what you want to reward.

For funsies, I did a FP today. It netted me 9,253,634,727,028 idols. If we subtract 9,253,612,143,007 from Bonus Idols, we are left with 22,584,021 idols (22,671,092 ...

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That does clarify things, thank you for that. :)

06 Oct


Hail Crusaders!

You can now colour in the Blood Voodoo sheet. Welcome to October indeed!


If we get 50 coloured sheets shared at us on our Twitter or our instagram with the hash tags #lostidolscolouring and #colouringcatchup by Tuesday, Oct 13th at 4pm (16:00) Pacific ...

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Originally posted by XZlayeD

what was supposed to be a short break has started to become a very real reason not to continue playing, as there's not been more than a few hours of content worth playing for what is soon 3 weeks, and with no apparent end in sight I am really having a hard time finding a reason to open the game as it is. There's a difference between having not having new content to increase the incentive to play, but removing the dungeons, and then not having anything in its stead for what appears to be more than a month is straight up devastating.

That is a fair point.

We really do want the new game system and season 2 of the dungeons to debut together, which is why they've been our main focus.

I'll discuss with the team what the options are.


Originally posted by Axed_

Hello Erika,

Thank you for the response. I understand that Time Warps from Jeweled Chests are a good way to earn more Event Tokens though I suspect that many newer players don't realize this. Perhaps there is a way to communicate to players that this is the intended way to earn more event tokens?


It's called out in the "How do I get more Event Tokens?" section of the event FAQ already actually, but we can look into adding it more places.


Originally posted by isawbones

Hi Erika,

I hope you are doing well in these wild times.

I know you can't give a date on Season 2 but I am curious, do you think this will happen in 2020, or is next year a more likely outcome?

I ask mostly because I am kind of out of content. I have epic/legendaries for all crusaders and FP gives such an insignificant amount of idols that I just do sprint runs for resources. I've done all the ruby challenges so I'll I can do is FP and events when they come around (unfortunately I finish them in like 2 days).

Hi isawbones,

We're doing well. I hope you are too.

Oh, it should definitely happen in 2020.

We are aware that some veterans are without content while the Dungeons are turned off, which is why season 2 and the new system are our main focus at the moment.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

And the last thing for today. I hope! :-)

Is there a chance that shooting crusaders will have a tag added to indicate this?

It's been requested that they have a tag, but it's not in our current plans.


Originally posted by Xerxish


It would be great for gold missions to show high ep crusaders first. I'd like to save my low ep crusaders for ep missions and I'd like them not to show up first on gold missions. Perhaps there's an easy fix?


Hi Xerxish,

Changing the sort of the Crusaders by ascending or descending EP is something that is on our request list and I'll add your vote to the item.


Originally posted by Halaberd85


is there any chance that Carmen & Petunia's dwarf skin can be altered so that when it's equipped the "Work the Crowd" FA is based on Dwarves instead of Humans? in it's current state the skin effects actually make them worse as the ability doesn't change with them.

Hi Halaberd85,

Once we start giving out skins that change effects, we may revisit their skin and update that ability.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

1) But I don't see this bonus when hovering over the Princess upgrade icons.

2) Thank you. It's just that I myself came across the fact that I used several extra cards in vain. I think it's not reasonable to contact support because of such a trifle, but it's still a pity to reboot the world when it has active buffs.

3) Well, if we compare the bonuses of legendary items from Oona and Hildr ...

4) This is probably a very long list ... And if not a secret - how big?

1) So you want it to tell you "buffed by Mead Powered"?

4) It's a big list.


Originally posted by DoctorNovakaine

Hi, Erika. Thanks for the chests.

I have a request, it's certainly not something I could call high priority but it's something I've been meaning to ask after for a while. After you upgrade a piece of equipment to Epic rarity, you lose the ability to look at the crafts for that item. Which also means you lose the ability to look at the flavor text for them. Is there any way that a way to view those pieces could be implemented, like maybe a hover over the recipe dot or something? Again, small thing, but I enjoy looking at some of the descriptions, especially of the common and uncommon which often tend to be sillier.

Hi DoctorNovakaine,

You're welcome for the chests.

Yeah, it comes up every so often. It would be really cool I think to be able to see the old gear cards and the flavour text. It just hasn't been a high priority and we haven't agreed on how best to display it.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

I'm very forgetful!)

A long time ago, I was attracted to your game by two codes on the DLC, distributed on one of the sites. Are you planning to resume this promotion, or give out a few more codes (in limited quantities, of course)?

We aren't planning on doing DLC giveaways like in the past, but I suppose we could do raffles for DLC or something else on the stream or our social media accounts.


Originally posted by Axed_

Hi Erika,

As always, thank you for your work in building a strong community around this game. It's always good to see a company that listens to and engages with their customers/fans.

I am a player who has played the game off and on about 3 years now. Over time I have missed quite a few of the events and as a result it can be quite difficult to unlock some of the new crusaders due to the event token costs. For example, I'm currently working my way through Tiers 1-6 of Carnival of Sorrows

My question is: How do you guys feel about players not having enough event tokens to complete all of the objectives in a single year? Would you consider adding an option for players to buy additional event tokens?

Thank you!

Hi Axed_,

Cheers! I'll pass along the praise to the team.

We only really expect a player to be able to do two or three tiers of an event, with the repeating of events, though some players are pretty gungho and power through all the tiers of an event.

We haven't discussed selling event tokens outright, but I'll bring it up with the team.

You do get event currency from using the Time Warps however, and the event Jeweled chests have guaranteed Time Warps as the 5th card, though that can be replaced with a Legendary Catalyst on occasion. Normal Jeweled chests are a bit more of a gamble on getting the Time Warps, but they are a way to build up a stash as well.


Originally posted by psot_niCk

Hello Erika

When do You plan to start the 2nd season of dungeons?
Could this be before the recipes for Mogra are available?


Hi Maciek,

As soon as we feel ready for the second season and the new system's release, we'll release it.



Originally posted by BladeGrip


I'm here just to say thanks for the recent ticket response. Take care of yourself and keep up the good work.

Hi BladeGrip,

You're welcome! Have a good week yourself. :)


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

Erica, hello!

First about bugs. There is a problem with the Princess upgrades. She does not visually display bonuses from Hildr. Or don't work. Unclear.

Second. Are you familiar with the term "pity timer" associated with games? This is when the player does not roll, or tries to use the maximum involved bonus or resource. Sometimes this is harmful, because there is an opportunity to get a larger bonus, but the player feels sorry for the previous one (for which a lot of time or resources of the previous quality may have been spent). This situation occurs with green Speed ​​and Gold cards. They accumulate a huge amount (due to the huge number of silver chests), but it is very difficult to spend them. And if they were spent, then with the "unburned" bonus, it's a pity to close the campaign. I would like to ask you for some kind of solution to this issue. I only see two. Make a talent or something similar that will reduce the running time of these cards, instead of incre...

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Hi dimitrius5naj,

1) Hildr works on Princess. My Princess has 30% DPS all for Ignite, Char, Conflagrate, and Incinerate. When I put my Hildr next to her, that becomes 75% DPS, so Mead Powered is buffing those upgrades.

2) The buff card buffs are meant to clear with resetting the world, so players have a reason to use their supply of cards, but I'll note down the request.

3) Depending on what the Legendary effect is doing, it will have a different leveling scheme.

4) I'll add your votes to both those requests and we'll see what happens.

5) You're welcome for the code.


Originally posted by genner13

Hi Erika, long time since I posted here last time. I return with a question that I asked many times before hoping for a better and concrete answer giving the timing. With the death of flash what happen with linux players, even a official linux to Steam, right now is in a way that is risky for us, even Steam tells us that, so it wouldn't be a way to diffirenciate if is a Steam problem in our way or is on CNE. Sorry for the repeat.

Hi genner13,

We won't be making a separate Linux version of Crusaders.

The CNE Games version will be a launcher for Windows or Mac.

The Steam one is Windows or Mac as well, with the Steam Play option for Linux players.

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