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20 Oct


Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

so lvl 15, does that mean you get 15 EP from a 1EP mission? or what kind of scaling are we looking at?

That would be rather a disappointing reward for the cost of a level 15 rune.

The scaling on the increasing EP from EP missions rune is an additive percentage increase per level.


Originally posted by Tjeeffrey

Will the game ever go out of beta? What would be needed for the game to go out of it?

It would be fun to remove the beta tag, but we would still be live servicing the game, so there would still be bugs and fixes to be made to it and balance changes.


Originally posted by gragatrim

Anything you can leak about the next T6? Have you come up with a final design(art and/or abilities) yet?

Art is all done for our bug-loving friend. Tech needs a pass by Kevin once he's done with the season and rune release, so can't tease that yet.


Originally posted by BenL7

Is there anyway to persuade Steam to give me credit for objective achievements that I completed long ago on Kongorgate (or Armor Games)?

p.s. Thanks for the chest code

We'll be addressing the missing Steam achievements after more players have migrated.

You're welcome for the chest code.


Originally posted by BenL7

How about adding a way of showing which saved formation is active?

I'll add that to the suggestion list to consider.


Originally posted by XZlayeD

are the rune chests an infinite purchase? by the end of the last season it's not hard to be sitting on more than 5k coins.

They're limited per week.


Originally posted by Legitimate-Guitar786

also, will the rune slots be for all currently existing crusaders, or just base one, and early on event ones? or does everyone get slots, just not everyone gets runes they can put in the slots YET

Everyone has rune slots.

Not every Crusader will have a personal power for their fifth slot right away.


Originally posted by D-J-Casper

Hi, Erika.

Since Friday's Update, the "Spend It All", and "Upgrade Them All" Notifications are still popping up, even after I tell the Game not to show them, again. I put in a Ticket, last night, just before I went to Bed, thinking it would be resolved, when I woke up, but it wasn't.

Can Kevin please look into this?

Hi DJ-Casper,

Yeah, we're aware that the messages are sticking around, but it's on the back burner until after we get Season 2 and the Rune system out.


Originally posted by Legitimate-Guitar786

greeting and salutations Erika

so now that the runes are almost here can you narrow down the catalyst and ruby cost(s) for us? pretty please?

Hi Legitimate-Guitar786,

Like I mentioned on stream, a level 15 rune will take about 1,000 Catalysts to create.

The other costs will depend on your play style and goals.


Originally posted by DragonFuhrer

Based on the little information release on the new rune system, this appears to be very costly. Doing the math, to get one item maxed to level 15 it will take approximately 68k materials (rubies and/or catalysts). Have you crunched the numbers yourself? Given the low level of rubies and catalysts (for this system) it will take years to get more than one maxed. Not sure if this is what you had intended.

Level 15 is the pie in the sky goal and is intended to take a long time to reach, which is why we chose it as the cap.


Originally posted by sqrzwol

Hi Erika,

Glad to hear runes are arriving this week. Any idea approximately when? Hopefully sooner rather than later, another weekend of broken missions or some such thing is not an attractive proposal :)

Hi sqrzwol,

Sooner than later indeed.

The missions system wasn't broken for a weekend, just overnight.


Originally posted by TFahab

I understand you can't give an exact day/time, but can you at least commit to not releasing S2 of dungeons right before leaving for the weekend? I think it would calm some folks down if we know that any bugs might get looked at before the weekend hits.

Should be out before Friday.


Originally posted by algie666

TY for chests as allways hope you are all well,

if i may just ask ....on a small lap top as in memory and which plat form would be best for me to switch to from kong, thankyou for any advice given

Hi algie666,

You're welcome for the chests. We're doing well and hope you are too.

The launchers will be the same, aside from one requiring Steam to log in versus our Codename Games log in.


Originally posted by raxod27317


How about to make HTML5-WebGL or Unity version of the game to continue playing on Kongregate and other sites?

Is it too hard for your programmers?

Hi raxod27317,

We don't plan on converting Crusaders to another language, as it is 5 years of code and we only have the one developer working on Crusaders.

We're keeping it alive through the downloadable clients through Steam or our Codename Games website.


Originally posted by Environmental_Nerve2

hey Erika

so does "coming this week" mean not tomorrow, but before Sunday?

Hi Environmental_Nerve2,

It means before Friday afternoon. We don't work weekends.


Originally posted by Cotlathi

Looking forward to season 2!

Should be interesting for sure.


Originally posted by Cassius335

Hey Eriika!,

Does "This week" for the rune system mean "Thursday along with Emo's New Moon"?

Hi Cassius,

No, it doesn't mean with Emo's New Moon next week.

It just means not today, but before Friday.


Originally posted by Dragon97240

Hello !

Is it possible to have a preview on the saved formations ? And a way to clear them (another Ctrl+click maybe, to change the save to delete) ?

And thanks as always for the chests !

Hi Dragon97240,

It's not currently in our plans to offer a preview or way to delete formation saves, but I'll note down your request on the item on our player suggestion list.

You're welcome for the chests. :D


Originally posted by XZlayeD

Hi erika!

Will there with the new season come a sink for all of the dungeon coins?

Hi XZlayeD,

Well, the rune chests will be one sink.

We may add more as the season continues. We'll see.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

Erica, hey!

And again I want to remind (especially before the upcoming event) that linking legendary effects on equipment to a specific crusader is not good. For example, a ghoul (with a flashlight) and Freight-o-throne (with a canister) have this drawback. You promised to fix it.

Thanks for the chests.

Hi dimitrius5naj,

If there's time, we'll make changes to some of the older Crusaders in the Emo's New Moon event, but no guarantees.

You're welcome for the chests. :)

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