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29 Jul


Originally posted by dumb_questions

u/thearcan last patch you noted that release on Stadia would be delayed pending Google pushing it out. Will this be the case here too?

Also, big thanks for publishing/maintaining for Stadia. I imagine the user base for it is way lower than other platform but for many of us it's the only way we would play.

I believe Stadia was patched alongside all other platforms yesterday.


Originally posted by DrCheezburger

Please excuse my ignorance: What exactly is item locking?

Its a feature that allows you "lock" or "favourite" individual items. These items cannot be sold or dismantled as long as the lock remains in place.

It helps make items much safer from accidental removal while also speeding up players clearing their inventory with the help of the quick mark functionality.

28 Jul


Originally posted by Laniakea85

Status Power isn’t calculating properly. I’m currently at AT37, and five of my gears have Status Power at 49.4% each. It should be at 224.5%, with apocalypse tier penalty included at 22.5%. My Status Power now sits at 176.8%.

Unless I missed something in the patch notes, then please correct me if I’m wrong.

Might be this from the other thread:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Status Power provided by items to be multiplied instead of decreased as players increased their Apocalypse Tiers. This could unintentionally lead to increases as high as 700% Status power at Apocalypse Tier 40.

Originally posted by PinchesTheCrab

I read through the patch notes but didn't see it listed explicitly - was there any change to which apoc mods can drop on items? Previously we had to go from vendor to vendor to find purples with specific combos.

No changes made here.

However, I do know that some folks are trying to research what mods can drop on what slots and I've asked for a list that I can share within the community. I'll see if I can find an opportunity to share that list in the near future.


Originally posted by Grouchy_Currency6152

Nerfs tho? I have never understood nerfs in any game where you legit have Super Powers Like here me out instead of Nerfing............ Just buff whats so called "outshined" to be equal to whats awesome. And have every one that is altered "Gods" to be the most op things ever But I mean i guess it is called a balancing patch huh

None of those changes would matter if we left the over-performers entirely unchecked.


Originally posted by Elora_egg

I was wondering, is it on the board for weapons to be buffed/changes again in the future? The worldslayer changes were nice, but Tac ARs still feel really dominant, and snipers aren't great even with full builds. (especially getting crits on controller)

No further weapons balancing is planned at this time, but there is a change today that will benefit snipers.

Twin Reaper

Increased Echo damage from 25% to 35%.

Fixed a bug that prevented the Technomancer's "Twin Reaper" Pax node from functioning properly after loading into a level.


In order to stimulate the Sniper archetype presence, we are increasing the Echo damage provided by Twin Reaper in order to support the fantasy of precise sniper shots being a deadly threat.


Originally posted by Aj-Gost

The Embalmer's Rage change is an uptime nerf on a Firepower build mod and I just don't get it given how a stated goal is to bring FP builds in line with AP builds. Any further explanation on that changing back to an on-kill effect? Why would the community want that when it means less uptime?

This feedback came out of the Beta's but only made its way into the build now for various reasons.

The initial change to critical shot was too harming for Tricksters and console players who were relying on killing a weak enemy to activate the mod.


Originally posted by LiquidMantis144

Let me guess... Dev was nerfed into the ground. Once again, the weakest class. Hopefully not.

You don't need to guess, there's a whole blog post you can read and discover yourself.


Originally posted by EttRedditTroll

What about two stashes of 100 slots each?

One personal stash on a per-character basis in addition to the shared one? Even a 50 slots personal one would be a great addition.

I expect that would take game dev resources to recode part of the save game system... which honestly speaking we do NOT want to touch at this point in time given past adventures.


Originally posted by EnochGrinder

A 10% REDUCTION IN XP NEEDEDTO RAISE YOUR APOC TIER? This has to be a f**king joke. Even 100% wouldn’t be enough. I’ll see everyone in outriders 2 hopefully.

A rare occasion where the username does not check out.


Originally posted by SteelAngell

still 100 stash slot...

We honestly tried our best to increase the stash size, but our experiments indicated that not only did more stash space lead to longer loading in times (and hang ups), but they even caused the frame rate to drop during regular gameplay. So it didnt just lead to a one-off frustration, but ongoing degradation in performance because of... code reasons (?)...

At 200 item slots in the stash, some of the Gen 8 consoles were taking up to 40 seconds just to load in.

I would have LOVED to have stash space in this patch, but from a tech perspective our hands are tied with the game code as it currently is.


Originally posted by ckserious

As always u/thearcan thank you for sharing in as much detail as you can. Looking forward to testing more builds.

Thank you for taking the time to read it all! I've written Essays in University that are shorter than patch notes these days.


Originally posted by -Certified-

Good stuff, no balance changes to gear just yet, probably a good move at the minute.

Two threads today - the second one is here.


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Thanks for posting

You're very welcome!


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Shit was broken. We fixed it.

LOL This is a vibe, I dig it PCF. Well done.

Always a pleasure to throw a pinch of spice into these.