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Originally posted by JITheThunder

When Acolade stuck at 99% will be fixed.

That can only be resolved by our support team. Please get in touch with them here: sqex.to/support


Originally posted by AtticaBlue

Still no fix for Rockfall, huh? Is that still scheduled for another future patch?

A fix to Rockfall was made with this patch, though reading the database entries for the patch notes I believed to this be mainly under the hood (so wasnt mentioned), but I may well be mistaken in this case.

Please do take a look at it!


Outriders Worldslayer has been updated!

Outriders Worldslayer has been updated

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Technomancer's Grim Inventor Set that was causing the Set Bonus to stop working consistently.
  • Resolved a number of issues with the Apocalypse Tier System which either prevented players from progressing or led to other players instantly levelling up their tiers.
  • Granted all character that had been missing an Ascension point their missing point.
    • The bug that caused this issue was fixed in a previous patch, but the work to grant the missing point had to be done separately.

The patch has been confirmed to be rolling out on console and PC platforms. The patch is currently with the ...

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Today's post is a little bit of collation of various bits and pieces. You may already be aware of some of these news items, so this is more of an "official" gathering together of them.

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