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09 Feb


Originally posted by CDG710

Any word on the current server issues on PS5 (and likely other platforms)?

The past 48hrs it’s really been acting up

Yep - I posted in the dedicated thread for that. We found an issue with some online infrastructure. That's been resolved and it should be better now.


Hey folks, thanks for raising this issue. Our IT teams had a look and identified an issue with part of the online load balancing setup.

They resolved said issue earlier this morning, so things should be much better for you now. Please do let me know if that isnt the case of course.


Hey folks, thanks for reporting this.

I suspect you're right in that the rebundling to the Complete Edition SKU must have caused something on the EGS store to go awry. I do apologise that you were affected by it in this way.

I've gotten in touch with our digital store managers to look at this asap.

Edit: This issue should be resolved now!

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