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05 Aug


Today's post is a little bit of collation of various bits and pieces. You may already be aware of some of these news items, so this is more of an "official" gathering together of them.

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Originally posted by Bozzified

Dear fellow Outriders,

The new Outriders Outpost Worldslayer has now been officially released. If you spot any unexpected behaviors please feel free to report to me.

The new Outriders app now features the following things:

  1. Public Outrider Profiles
  2. Outriders Debrief to keep you up to date with latest news about Outriders
  3. Twitch support for live streams to show off people Streaming Outriders. You can catch your favorite Outriders live on the app now as well.
  4. Outriders Tools and Weapon/Armor calculators are upgraded and also allow you to pick mods to see what their maximum values will be.
  5. Outriders Academy will be expanding and will feature additional tips and tricks with build making and overall playing Outriders and mod/gear/class tree/pax tree and ascension nodes synergies.
  6. Outriders Explorer now includes some of the interesting locations in the Outriders universe to peak people's interest. It will be expand...
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Incredible work as always Bozz :)


Yesterday we implemented a backend change in the system that made loot droops as viable as Vendor sales. The result of that would have been that loot drops overall became more satisfying for you.

Great to hear that is being felt. :)

I'll likely do a short dev update today to mention and explain this as well a few other bits and bobs.

04 Aug

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02 Aug


Awesome stuff, nice work! :)

If we wanted to share this on the Outriders channels, do you have any handles you would like us to credit? Provided you're happy with us to do so of course!

01 Aug


Originally posted by Just-Eye5402

I've run into a bug with the Grim Inventor set bonus, where it just stops working. For both RPG and Minigun. This seems to be a recent issue, as I was running the Grim set shortly after Worldslayers launch and it worked.

We're aware of this bug, thanks for the report!

30 Jul

29 Jul


I've been keeping an eye on Steam (as I always do) and no widespread crashes are reported there. I would recommend considering reinstalling the game or validating your install files, just incase something corrupted during the update process.

I have also heard that there may be an issue with some Nvidia Drivers, so perhaps consider updating to the latest driver version (or rolling back by one).


Originally posted by EttRedditTroll

So… why wasn’t the set bonus reworked instead? It clearly shows an inherent design flaw with the set as you say, and making it an FP set honestly solves nothing but rather pushes the set further into being the one “useless” Devastator set - especially since you guys also buffed the non-Seismic Commander sets a fair bit which furthers the divide.

What if the set gave neither AP nor FP but Armour instead? Would that be possible?

(Edit: Why not simply include damage taken to Shields in the stored damage-calculation? That would’ve fixed the core issue of Earthen Shell.)

Also, melee being tied to AP in general is a gripe I have with the game: it gives AP builds (which let’s be frank here, are already way stronger than FP for most classes but especially Devastator as Earthen Shell and the like are unmatched by anything FP offers) an additional goodie over FP builds for no real reason.

Perhaps melee should be reworked to scale differently,...

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Why wasn’t the set bonus reworked instead?

Time and Resources are not an unlimited commodity. Reworks require a significant investment of both and we need to carefully consider where we spend them to effect the biggest bang for buck and time.


You are correct that melee scales with AP.

However, the set scales with Armor and damage taken.

The reason Concussioner didn't work as an AP set was because Earthen Shell denied the set bonus from storing damage, so it didn't really work at all given Earthen Shell's constant uptime. On top of this, non of the apex Pax nodes worked well with Concussioner, which was a design oversight.

We tried to make the set work with AP but there was always a problem where players had to choose between committing to AP and Melee OR Armor Nodes, so you were always forced to created an unoptimal build.

We made the decision to make it FP because it was a low cost solution that allowed us to resolve the Earthen Shell + set bonus problem and finally make an Apex Pax node work well with the set (OverForce). This change will players focus more on Armor than trying to invest into double Melee damage nodes with some AP.

You're correct that you w...

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Originally posted by TKrev

@thearcan u/thearcan much like other players here, I too am still missing the ascension point.

When I asked whether this would be the case before the patch, our testers confirmed that they did indeed get the missing ascension point. I'm not sure why the behaviour is different in the retail environment, but I'll ask around.


Originally posted by TheWishingMoth

Any chance the "Just Take the Pid" trophy on ps5 has been fixed yet. It glitches if you finish it on ps4 first and then becomes unobtainable. The other ones for New Horizon don't auto-unlock but they can be completed if you redo the requirements.

We closed this bug with the Worldslayer launch, but fixing individual accounts is something only our support team can look into (sqex.to/support) and there is no guarantee that they will be able to help.