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30 Nov

Overwatch® 2 Content Creators are some of the best players in our community. Whether showing off their awesome skills, creating awesome custom games, or building incredible experiences with their fans, they bring Overwatch 2 to thousands of viewers worldwide on Twitch. This is why we’re celebrating our Content Creators through the return of Twitch Support-A-Streamer for Overwatch 2!

From November 30 through December 10, support your favorite eligible streamers when you subscribe or gift subscriptions on their channel, and you will receive the Epic Bird of Paradise Echo skin that will unlock in-game!

Event Duration

From November 30 at 11:00 a.m. PST until December 10 at 11:59 p.m. PST. 

How to Participate 

Log in to your ...

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This is one of two remaining Director's Take Blogs for 2023! We'll release another one in two weeks and take the last part of the year off for the holiday season before we pick back up again in the new year. I'll be writing this one in a sort of turkey-induced fever dream and the next one just after we launch Season 8. This is when we'll release our newest hero Mauga, along with quite a few balance changes for the game. We'll take a look at those changes and touch on a few other topics as well.

We're making a general change to the amount of ult charge retained when swapping heroes, reducing it from 25% to 15%. We do like that this mechanic removes friction when swapping heroes, and think that it still should at 15%. However, there is a perception that it's almost always an advantage to counter-swap upon dying, and we're lowering this value to see if it has an effect on swap rates.

Let's look at changes coming to some of our heroes for Season 8, starting wi...

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28 Nov

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Season 7 is almost done! If you are looking to catch up on your Battle Pass, you can earn up to five Battle Pass Tier Skips when you watch up to 10 total hours of live streams in the Overwatch 2 category on Twitch starting today, November 28, through Monday, December 4.

  • Watch 2 Total Hours to earn one Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Watch 4 Total Hours to earn one more Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Watch 6 Total Hours to earn one more Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Watch 8 Total Hours to earn one more Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Watch 10 Total Hours to earn one more Battle Pass Tier Skip

Earning Twitch drops for Overwatch 2 is easy! Simply connect your Battle.net account with your Twitch account, then tune into any eligible channel in the Overwatch 2 category on Twitch. Remember...

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22 Nov


Ha I love it. Team actually uses the short thanksgiving week to work on whatever ideas they want (some are wacky, some are more serious), this is perfect for that.

21 Nov

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16 Nov

A little event happened two weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it… and all of you were too. BlizzCon isn't just for those who attend the show in person, it's also a time when we get to connect with fans around the world and show off more of the game than we normally do, and this year we even ran an event in-game with a playable version of our just announced hero, Mauga. I'd like to run through the show - this is partially a recap, a correction to misunderstandings around announcements we made, and a bit of a sentimental journey. If you're not into that and just want the deets on Mauga changes, skip to paragraph 3 (don’t worry, I won't mind).

Let's start with Clash. We announced our next new game mode as well as one of the maps, Hanaoka, which will be part of its debut. Watching through some of the videos that people made off of our introduction to the mode, it was clear that I talked waaaaay too long about 2CP, but it also felt like there was some c...

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14 Nov

You all are the best community the Overwatch team could ever ask for.  Throughout the years, you have shared not only your passion for Overwatch but also your creativity through fan art, cosplay, and talent. So this year, we’re excited to revive a fan-favorite holiday tradition--the Overwatch Community Holiday Tree!

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13 Nov

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Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes – November 14, 2023

These changes will be live in the upcoming patch on November 14, 2023.



Developer Comments: The broad goal of the Roadhog rework was to improve his frontline presence on the battlefield as a tank hero and reduce the frustration enemy players had with how consistently deadly his hook combo has been in the past.

Roadhog’s previous Scrap Gun ...

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12 Nov

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07 Nov


Originally posted by SonOfGarry

I really hope this means “it’s actually coming out in a week” and not “you’ll get some news in a week”

Edit: it would line up with their release schedule, two weeks after the midseason patch and on a Tuesday


06 Nov