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Hello Heroes!

Hope you have been having fun in the sun with Lúcioball and Winston’s Beach Volleyball during the Summer Games seasonal event. Now, we’re heating things up with a double XP weekend, running now until Sunday, July 16!

During the Double XP event, your accumulated match XP from each match played will be doubled. Please note any XP rewarded for completing challenges, bonus XP for participating in flex queue or impacted roles in Role Queue, and any XP rewards from endorsements are not multiplied during bonus XP weekends. When you receive double XP for your matches played, you should see the total number of XP after each match is higher than normal. However, the end-of-game Battle Pass screen will not indicate the amount that is multiplied.

Thanks, and have a great summer!

“What if the cinematic is about a group of kids on a field trip in an Overwatch Museum?”

I remember this pitch from our first story discussions for the initial Overwatch announcement cinematic. This single idea shaped how we develop stories for Overwatch to this day. Until then, we had been talking about more dire and serious settings to help shepherd in this new universe, but ultimately, we realized this story—with its wholesome, brighter tones—was the way to go. In that discussion, we referenced films from our childhoods with similar vibes that focused on character, hope, and, most importantly, heart. This is what we wanted Overwatch to be. Pillars such as “a future worth fighting for” and “heroes inspire heroism” were born out of those discussions, guiding us to form the story and overall feeling of Overwatch into what it is today.

Speaking of “today” and “story,” we are on the brink of releasing our first set of Story Missions for Overwatch. For those ...

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Originally posted by Leopold747

Also they need to increase the fire cost, literally everyone is on-fire all the time! It's to the point that I legit don't care who's onfire & who's not! Initially I was excited abt this feature but few days after it's launch it's a MEH. I guess it's made to please the average casual player ....

Balancing a new scoring system like this internally is tough, and we definitely erred on the side of making it easier to attain than harder to attain because we wanted players to get to see it and play with it.

We agree with this feedback though, and today's patch makes it more difficult to attain and to maintain, so let us know how it feels with these changes!

To your other point, the system is designed to be compelling to players at all MMRs (including our highest). This is difficult too, because lower MMR players don't usually have the same stats as higher MMR players. I think with our first pass we landed pretty squarely on "too easy and too common for everyone".