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17 Mar

Hello, Pathfinders!

We've prepared a little survey on which edition of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous do you have. It will take from half a minute to 2 minutes to fill it, and we will greatly appreciate it!

Press here to participate in the survey! []

And while you are filling out the form, you can watch of new friend Ulbrig doing his Friday dance:
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Originally posted by BrideOfSlaanesh

I didn’t get the broken trickster mask when I defeated the Star Rattler, and also the Chaplin no longer sells magical equipment, did you guys change that or is it a bug? Playing on Xbox SX

Non-dropping mask is definitely a bug. I can see a lot of reports in the database, it's already being worked on. Chaplain might be by design, but I'll check.


Originally posted by hugoebrown

Yup it works just got it for insanely cheap in cad. Really hyped about it

The fastest hand in the West :D

It was a Steam bug, but I guess whoever was fast enough may enjoy it now :)

  • Under specific circumstances, it was impossible to start the battle for Gundrun during the Call of Kin quest – fixed. Those who have encountered this issue already, need to speak with Sigvorn and Ysenna in the chieftain's house to start the battle for Gundrun;
  • A dialogue with Kerenai during the Call of Stone quest could end abruptly – fixed. Those players, who have encountered this issue already, won't face any difficulties with other quests from The Last Sarkorians DLC;
  • The bear spirit didn't give the quest to destroy the altars of the other spirits (Forsaken Altars: The Bear) – fixed;
  • It was impossible to attack the spirits of deer and smilodon – fixed. They will become hostile now if you attack them.
  • Fixed a crash during travelling to the Lost Chapel.
  • Under some circumstances the encounter before Drezen assault would not load correctly - instead the player would get into a creepy empty Drezen with missing gates, and the siege ne...
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16 Mar

Hello, pathfinders!

Winter storms fade away, and the warm spring winds bring great news. Don't miss the Steam Spring Sale - you can buy a lot of games, including ours, at a great discount! The sale has already started and will go on until March 23.

Right now Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition is 70% off, the first Season Pass is 70% off, and separate DLCs are up to 50% off.

We wish you a fascinating spring adventure in the vast lands of Golarion!
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Originally posted by Devils_Brood

The Finnean quest remains broken, creating a duplicate when polymorphing and not advancing the quest.

The human male and female portrait options are still missing from mercenary creation. They only appear when making or retraining the main character.

Hello, do you by chance remember the text of your bugreport so I could find it?


Originally posted by Party-Oven-1378

I have a question that is not about the issues people are having with the game. I am currently having non except for some minor bugs that I can live with.

Do you know when the story of Through the Ashes will be continued? That gnome is one of my favorite companions out of all the Pathfinder games you have made, second to Nok Nok.


Yes, there will be a second chapter of the story! Coming in DLC5, in a few months from now.


Originally posted by Zealousideal-Arm1682

PS4 here,and so far the stuttering is getting worse from ch3 onward and sometimes just freezes.

Have they just cut support to PS4 in general?

Hello! Of course not. It receives bugfixes and new content along with all other platforms. But as the game operates very close to the limits of the hardware on PS4, performance may not always be optimal. We're working to improve it, but the progress isn't as fast as we'd like it to be.


Originally posted by Neverine

I got this working btw. Before launching an app in the Steam Deck you can configure what resolution can be available to a game. Set it to 2k and it’s working as expected now.

Thanks, that'll help to advise people :)


Originally posted by maleficarqm

Is the Dragonheir Scion supposed to not be able to increase their Arcane Strike bonus? The bonus increases with caster level but as far as I can see or tell you can’t increase it at all as the Scion.

I've just checked with the game designers, and yes, that's intended.


Originally posted by WyrdZen

[Wrath of the Righteous, PS4] Are you all aware that shapeshifter classes have abilities that (due to having alternate forms, I guess) 1) don’t auto-populate the action bar, 2) disappear from the action bar between maps or form-shifting… this is annoying… can’t you just make all available abilities stay in the action bar where we place them & just be greyed out when not in the correct form (& perhaps pop a banner message saying which form that ability requires, or whatever)? It is spoiling my enjoyment of the shifter characters when I have to constantly repopulate their alt-form abilities. 🥲

Same thing applies to weapons that grant abilities or spells… if it’s equipped you have to manually place the weapon’s abilities/spells into the action bar, BUT if you swap to another weapon set, those abilities/spells disappear from the action bar & will have to be repopulated manually when you swap back to that weapon set. I feel like having the weapon equipped on any slot should be ...

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Hello! Yeah, we absolutely see how annoying this is, already working on a solution.


Originally posted by Putrid-Excitement-78

They need to fix the game breaking bug at the lost chapel that they introduced recently first. Breaks the whole game. It's bad. I've been kinda patient with these dudes but idk.

Already fixed internally, waiting for patch to go through deployment process.