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@owlcatstarrok, what can we expect in the next Xbox patch? When will the character screen textures be upgraded?

Hello, a routine bugfix patch is scheduled for the end of the week. Don't have dates for a texture patch yet.


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Okay, will do bugreport. Rest you mentiond i did already try with not success :(

Hello, using any mods?


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Noticed this as well, but for me it started a couple of days ago so I don't think 2.1.1i was the reason. Maybe the patch before it?

Possibly. It's already being investigated, most likely will deal with it this week.



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are you currently working on or planning to work on pathching pathfinder kingmaker. Becuase i hae the game and think it is a revolutionary idea to add city building, economy, fantasy, and RPG all to geather. but it is hard to enjoy the game when their are so many bugs and just what to play it without having to trouble shoot it every time. please let me now and thank you.

Hello, Kingmaker no longer belongs to us since 2019, so unfortunately no more updates on that one.

24 Mar


Originally posted by Jacqueline_Sweet

I'm having the same problem on PS5. I can't interract with the puzzle. I have the containers and I've done the other four puzzles.

PS5 didn't have the patch yet. Should be coming next week.


Odd. Can you please leave a new bug report from ingame, and PM me the text of the ticket you've put in, so I can find it in the database?


Originally posted by ChidoriRomen

Of course. So the small portraits in the hotbar, at the bottom of the screen, no longer show the custom companion portraits, and have reverted to their default pictures.

The Medium and Full Length custom portraits still show, and the small custom image shows in the save menu.

Interesting, I'll pass this to the team.


Originally posted by ChidoriRomen

Something in the new update has broken the custom portraits for companions. Is this likely to be fixed?

Hello, can you please clarify what exactly is wrong with them? They stopped working?

23 Mar

Hello, Pathfinders!

We investigated the recent bug reports, reproduced the reported issues and found that under some circumstances, when Wenduag turned hostile to the party in the prologue, she could die. That tragedy made the party unable to leave the Shield Maze and continue their adventures. We’ve prepared a hot-fix 2.1.1i which fixes this problem. No mongrels were harmed during the creation of this patch.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Originally posted by StarkeRealm

Except, right now there's a bug at the end of the shield maze which blocks progress (apparently.)

There are conditions when this can happen, we plan a quick hotfix in a few hours.