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23 Mar


Originally posted by matheuxknight

ETA on this last Steam patch making it’s way over to PS? Has it been submitted for review, yet?

No, it's still in preparation.


Originally posted by EconomyLarge3300

Any chance someone can take a look at the issue with Cancel Wildshape ability auto removing itself and do it QUICK so we get it fixed soon and not months from now?

It may be a minor thing but it literally destroys all Shifter QOL on console.

We're aware of the problem, but it will take a bit longer to prepare a solution for it.

22 Mar


Originally posted by KillerRabbit345


u/owlcatstarrok is this a known issue?

Should work after today's patch.


Originally posted by TrapPigeon

Wasn't clarified in the notes, but if you fixed Star Rattles chest - if we've already cleared it can we go back and loot it or is this for ..future runs its good?

Only for the future runs.

Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.1.1g is here!

  • The nameless helmet from The Last Sarkorians DLC got its name;
  • AoE spells and items didn't affect the enemies if you rested before the battle for Defender's Heart – fixed;
  • Raven familiars got their models back;
  • After solving the first 4 puzzles during The Secrets of Creation quest, the final puzzle could not be activated – fixed;
  • The chest near Star Rattle was unavailable for looting – fixed;
  • On the saved game preview, a shifter's portrait didn't display if the shifter was transformed – fixed;
  • Spectral Dust now stacks in the inventory.
If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

  • After switching to the Legend path from the Lich p...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Originally posted by Atnntaatn

Encountered zero bugs during acts 1-3. It all went downhill starting at act 4. Shame because the game is generally great (except for crusade mode, random map encounters and the absence of quick travel, which are all super annoying).

You may build teleport circles in the cities for quick travel.

We recognize the problem with degrading stability towards the later acts, and still work to improve it. I've passed the info regarding the exit problem to the QA team, thank you.

21 Mar

20 Mar


On this beautiful spring Monday, we would like to support the activity suggested by a number of our fan artists and tell you about April's #Springmaker fan art challenge! Post your work on the prompt listed below, add the #Springmaker tag, and let the world admire your work!

The challenge starts on April 1st and will last a whole month. Arts on both Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can take part in the challenge.
Share your art with friends, support other artists in the comments, and may Shelyn’s blessing be with you!

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