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05 Mar


A known issue which is already fixed internally. Should be patched with the next update.


No, there's no plan for physical release. Only a digital update.


Originally posted by marcusph15

I’m going to make a hot take and say that if judging by Owlcat previous DLC’s of having even sparser VA and done arbitrarily at times like in the main campaign then it might as well be completely non voiced instead of at best being a half measure and that’s being charitable.

There will definitely be VA in DLC6 :)

01 Mar

22 Feb

Hello, pathfinders!
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20 Feb


Originally posted by marcusph15

I believe Owlcat said they might revisit pathfinder game at a latter time ( purposely vague on a definitive answer) but most likely they won’t do one for a while since they doing Rouge Trader and working on unannounced game after.

As for season 3 it appears that’s unlikely since by all indications DLC 6 will be the last story content.

Can confirm that unfortunately there are no plans for Season Pass 3 for Wrath.

17 Feb


The DLC is deep in development (along with a major free update that will come with it).

Current ETA is roughly late spring to mid-summer, depending on progress. Sadly I can't tell you more yet, but I can tease that there is something in that release that is not yet announced, but what I'm 100% sure will make you guys really excited. As a player, I definitely can't wait for it myself, at least.

Would be curious to hear your theories on what that could be!

P.S. No, I will not confirm or deny anything. Not yet!

14 Feb

13 Feb


Originally posted by Viryu9


Is PS5 upgrade still in works? Will it fix the constant crashing?

Should make things considerably better. Yes, it's nearing completion and undergoing testing at the moment.


Originally posted by magnuskn

I really would appreciate even some minor hint when we can expect it, since I've been checking this sub and your Youtube channel obsessively for the last month and a half, waiting for an announcement. I want to start my next run with all six DLC's released and the wait has been a bit unbearable.

BTW, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't appreciate a third season pass. :p

Spring-summer is a rough estimate.

12 Feb


Originally posted by sulta

I can't answer the first question, there is no answer that applies to Norway, Swiss, Iceland, the UK, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino or the Holy See.

That's a "whoops" from us indeed. Will get better next time!


Originally posted by MCWarhammmer

Also the one about if you've played a list of random indie games I'd never heard of which appear to all be of different genres.

We share a publisher with them. I've tried a couple of them (Train Valley and Biped) and they're pretty fun for some casual gaming during parties and such.


Originally posted by MCWarhammmer

While you're here, you mind clarifying if the team just felt like a change of pace from Golarion or if Paizo won't let you make any more games with their IP?

Change of pace, willing to explore new horizons, new potential audience. Stuff like that mostly. It's all good with Paizo :) We haven't broken any ties.

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07 Feb


Ooh, is that yours? What's the recipe?

02 Feb