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14 Mar


Originally posted by EIinPelin

I'm 5 hops away from the French gateway with ping of 3-4ms and the servers are laggin like never before. The funny part is that you can't see it on winmtr but you can feel it in game with ping spikes of 100ms+ when you hit maps

That address does not point directly at our servers. Grab the instance IP from your log file, or try


Originally posted by iunoso

It's a old issue, in my mind they had fixed

The change to make enchantments an entirely new category of mods rather than being implicits caused something similar to the old bug to happen. This has been fixed locally and will be deployed in a future patch.


Originally posted by EditingAndLayout

So what's your favorite gif subreddit? ;)

13 Mar

We've just released the Dragonfly Wings! Designed in the mystic style, these light and elegant wings will complete many outfits.

Click here to check them out![]

Originally posted by DaCurse0

also why does tar dropped by monsters slow you as a jugg with unstoppable/with kaoms roots

Tar reduces movement speed, not action speed. Kaom's Roots only protects against the later. Unstoppable does both.

However, those modifiers only prevent it being reduced below the base value. If you've already increased movement or action speed way above the base, they can be brought down a bit, just never below the base speed.


Originally posted by fo0kes

Did the real Bex get replaced by that interactive desktop robot that responds with gifs?

What if the real Bex is a robot that responds with gifs? You don't know.


Originally posted by TimmyNBTrevor

Bex: *looking at memes all day*

Chris: "Bex what are you doing looking at memes"

Bex: "MaNaGinG tHe CoMmuNiTeE"



Originally posted by Mara_W

Off-topic, but any news on the Glimmerwood boxes? My points are lonely and wish to be returned to their creators

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" Oswald89 wrote: Hey bex . about emergency changes.

A bunch of players cant access the league's mechanic due a bug that makes Cavas disappear its been 4 days now and no one answers us :

But watcher's eye its whats important here , srs bussiness.

That's in tomorrow's patch too.


Originally posted by Nanto_Suichoken

Thank you for the answer, knowing something is atleast going and not just a few people going crazy feels pretty good.

My networking knowledge is limited but afaik isn't usually a 1-3% packet loss fine ? I know my ISP isn't the best and would usually lose packets even while playing other games but it never is noticeable and nearly not as extreme as this case.

In my opinion, packet loss of any level is unacceptable (especially if it's local to your connection to them). Would your ISP be happy if you only sent them 98% of your monthly payment?

Because of the way lockstep works, any packet loss is going to give you a horrible experience on that networking mode.

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PSA: Watcher's Eye Change in Upcoming Patch

Tomorrow (Friday NZT), we're planning to release Patch 3.6.1 which includes a change to the "30% increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Energy Shield Leech while affected by Zealotry" modifier found on the Watcher's Eye Unique Jewel. This modifier unintentionally went out with a value six times higher than intended which is making it much more powerful than intended.

We try to avoid nerfs mid-league but we feel the power of this item warrants an emergency change. We are extremely sorry to anyone that this has negatively affected. We want to give you as much notice as we can before any more item sales are made.


Originally posted by Masterempun

Do you know if there is any great places to go scuba diving maybe around there? Or maybe take a few days trip for?

There are a plethora of good places to take a trip to in New Zealand it just depends on what you want to do. Here's one of our most famous diving spots (it's about 3-4 hours from where the convention is)


Originally posted by Pyromancer1509

What about the GGG Dev talks? As a dev myself i'm very interested, are they going to be recorded? like GDC talks?

Maybe, and if so, we may put them in the site news later in the year. No promises though.


Originally posted by dwaters11

15 tickets at 1k USD per

We actually only listed 10 today. Still have 5 to put in a second wave.

(Please don't email us asking to reserve tickets. It's going to be first-come, first-served again but we'll signal in advance when they are being added)


Originally posted by EnderBaggins

I doubt chris/jon/eric are at the “regular” vip dinner. But who cares, having a beer with Rory would be the goal.

We certainly will be at the regular VIP dinner also :)


There are probably multiple problems being highlighted here. I have to be careful not to lump in everyone's issues together, since they will likely have different route causes, even with the symptoms being the same.

  • Currently, we believe these are issues with Deutsche Telekom's network. I'm trying to collect more information here.

  • There might be additional problems with Telia's network peering.

  • Some players have local issues that are contributing to connectivity problems, which we're trying to address/advise on a case-by-case basis. (e.g. OPs MTRs show i...

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Originally posted by Inaithnir

How is the event, the venue and the surrounding area with regards to accessibility? Is it easy to reach with a wheelchair, can the building easily be navigated with one?

I’m pretty sure the building is fully accessible but I’m already in the middle of investigating this to be sure.