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09 May


Originally posted by Solar_Kestrel

TFW Obsidian has replied to like 30 bug reports posted after yours.

I still love you. Slide into my DMs and I'll prioritize your bug.


Originally posted by Pugway

Damn that's Ellie from The Last of Us? You guys didn't skimp on the VO budget that's for sure.

I'm glad she doesn't narrate EVERYTHING but the narration VO for the beginning was very well done. Looking forward to hearing more.

It is indeed. She's a member of Critical Role, (check out /r/criticalrole) who are voicing most companions and major characters throughout the game.


Originally posted by ComMcNeil

It would really have been amazing if she narrated everything in the game. But I guess that would have just been too much work.

It wasn't that it was too much work, per se, we made a creative decision to allow some of the prose to stay unnarrated, as we felt that was more in the tradition of the classic Infinity Engine games, and we didn't want to take too much of giant leap away from that, since some fans do prefer to have breaks in the dialogue/read at their own pace. We did our best to balance both sides' desires.


Originally posted by Zitalka

Okay, thanks for the response. Regardless, I love what I've seen so far of the game and think you guys have done a fantastic job with it.

Thank you so much!


Originally posted by Zitalka

Do you know if this is something that has a big effect on the game? Does it just create a few lines of dialogue and a necklace or does it influence Eder and his personal story in a significant way?

It won't block you from quests or anything like that, if that's what you're worried about. It does have an influence on how Eder approaches certain situations and relationships, but none of that is set in stone by his beginning state, either.


Originally posted by Minkelz

I think it's only for the first 5 mins of the game.

The narrator (Ashley Johnson is the actress' name) appears in most major moments in the game.


Originally posted by VileObliquity

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried your option before posting here but Eder went home to Aedyr rather than becoming mayor of Dyrford as conveyed in the ending slides from PoE 1. Maybe there's an issue there, too (or maybe that got reconned)? Anyway, I can wait a week. I waited years for another cRPG before PoE1 and another week's not so bad to wait for the successor.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I hope you still enjoy the game!


Originally posted by Burial

This is the kind of thing that is unacceptable not to have working properly at launch. People can only play a game the first time once, and that is especially important for RPGs.

Really, really disappointed.

There is a workaround available: you can use the manual state-setting feature to duplicate your choices in Pillars I. Or, you can pick one of the pre-made states. Either one will avoid this bug and give you the result you're looking for. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Originally posted by Zagden

I've just now confirmed that this works! He has the Mayoral necklace and says he went to visit his family in Aedyr. Thanks!



Originally posted by Cantoso

Ooooh :( Well, at least, thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! I'm going to wait on this, as Eder is my favourite companion and it would be weird if mid-game he changed his mind about Eothas. First hour of the game was absolutely stunning, so I'll hold my hype.

Understood. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry about the trouble here, truly hoping we can get this fixed soon.


Originally posted by Khanstant

just use the seashells

I don't know how to use the shells.

08 May


Originally posted by Laakem

Even with setting up a history manually, if you have Eder become the mayor he'll still mention going after his parents as if you hadn't resolved his quest. Although he has a necklace that reflects him becoming mayor so it seems like the flags are set, just have the wrong conversation being triggered.

Hm, that is weird. Try one of the pre-made states, that ought to do it...


Originally posted by SpelignErrir

Damn that sucks I hope u make it out

Send 2 ply

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Ensure you check in-game resolution settings/graphic settings.

05 May

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We like both games quite a bit. :)