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Not sure what I'm doing wrong here (research-wise), but I cannot find any information about what I see on the screen during game play (aside from monsters and buildings which are self explanatory). I see this radar thing pop-up in the center of my view, and, whilst the meaning of some of the icons displayed is clear, eg. footsteps mean something is walking nearby, an alarm bell means something has been alerted to my presence, but where can I read about what each one means? For example, there is a triangular shaped one with what looks like a crack going through it. No idea what that is. Also, where can I read about what each sound means. I hear a general slurping sound throughout that I've been assuming meant a nest was nearby, yet cannot find one. I assume therefore this is more of an ambient sound, possibly signifying the growth of sprawl.

I am not finding this information in any of the menu options within the game.

Anyone got a link to something with all this information, or how to navigate to it if in the game already?


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Hello @lastfreedom thank you for getting in touch with us and welcome to the forums!

We have our own Gameplan website used for game mechanic explanations and overview of game modes, could you please check our website to see if these videos can help guide you on the UI elements in-game >> https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/rainbow-six/extraction/gameplan

On our Help website, we have around 39 articles for a different topics on Extraction you may also find helpful here >> https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/rainbow-six-extraction/gameplay

Please let us know if you need any further help with any particular questions about the game?