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Hello , dear UBISSOT Team , I have a question regarding the SBB system , let's start at the begining , when I wanted to play ranked tonight I noticedthat I haven't got my rank anymore I new that I were S5 or S4 but it looked like i wasn't any rank , and it sad to me that I have 0/0 placementmatches played . I hobe you can fix the problem. I thank you in advance .
Best wishes from germany

Srry for my bad english , that's because I'm from germany .

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Hey there @patrikmicrosoft !

If you'd prefer to receive support in another language, you're welcome to create a support case on our website, and a member of your regional team will be able to assist you further. Alternatively, you can also contact our German Player Support team on their dedicated discussion board.✨

With that said, I'm still happy to help! First, can you provide me with a screenshot of your in-game rank that you're seeing currently? Also, would you mind confirming what your friend's rank is as well?