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A week ago Milky posted that everyone missing their pack from the mute victory challenge should see it in their account in the next few days. Since its been a week already im wondering if its taking a bit longer or did i just not receive mine? Heres my link for proof again. My ps4 account name is WatertownsFinest if you need that also.

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Hi there, everyone! I'm deeply sorry to hear about this. As BenZipfel is on PS4, can you let me know what platform you are playing on RucisRicus and SkyAndWind? Additionally, what date did you all complete the challenge? Was it after the challenge was re-enabled on August 18th? I apologize if you have been asked these questions previously, but having everything in one thread is super helpful for us and the team. Thanks!
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Hey guys!

BenZipfel and RucisRicus - I have reviewed both of your accounts and reward has been added accordingly, so when you get a chance, check to see if you can locate it in-game and let us know!

DarkShotXT - I have looked up at your account and can see that reward has been added on 25th of August, 2020.

SkyAndWind - as it stands, it appears that our team has already added all the rewards for players who were eligible, therefore if you're able to provide is with a screenshot, we will look into your account as well, however if you are not able to provide it then regrettably it would be difficult for us to proceed.
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Originally Posted by RucisRicus
Hi Karl!
I can confirm, I've recieved the missing pack. Thanks you all for your help!
Thanks for your swift response and I'm glad to hear that .

Hope you have great game-time and should you need any help in the future, do not hesitate and reach out at any time!
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Originally Posted by DarkShotXT
When I collect it the first time it did not work, but there is a bug where all the challenges come up a second time in the "challenges from previous weeks" tab and I only got that one and not the normal challenge tab. If the bug where I could not claim the first one happened I would've gotten double the rewards but I am not sure if you can give me that back then.
Would it be possible to show us what you mean, from our side we can see you have the reward.

Apologies if I am not understanding exactly what you mean but I am sure a screenshot will help clarify this
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Yes, we are seeing it! Apologies for getting back to you late, the forums sometimes overflows with activity.

I am aware of the duplicate challenge reward issue you are referring to. The dev team have been made aware however no fix is in the works just yet.

Just to make sure I understand correctly - The initial claim of the reward did not work, but you were still able to claim the reward after you experienced the glitch. Is that correct?

If that is correct, we won't be able to assist in your acquisition of the rewards a second time. As you know this is a glitch and not working as intended.

Thank you!