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01 Jul

28 Jun

Spellbreak started as an idea to create a revolutionary multiplayer fantasy experience. I feel we achieved that—in combat, art style, storytelling and more.

When we started development on Spellbreak, we thought we would be lucky if we got an early-access, PC-only release. The excitement and engagement from the community allowed us to push the boundaries on quality, gameplay, platforms, and more. Spellbreak was the first game ever released fully cross-platform with cross-play on day one across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Over 10 million players have dropped into the Hollow Lands, which is an incredible milestone for any new IP launching from any developer.

It is challenging to sum up the experience of both building Spellbreak and launching it to the world with the help of every single one of you. It is even more difficult to tell you that we will be shutting down Spellbreak early next year.

Unfortunately, the game industry is a difficult business. Spellbre...

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