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18 May

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Great! If you have any more issues, let us know. May The Force be with you Standard smile


12 May

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Hi there, @Edairman198526 


Apologies for the late response. Are you still having trouble with this? If so, let's go through some troubleshooting. First, what system are you playing on and do you use a wired or wireless connection? Thanks!


09 May


They take it in turns saying: "No, this one goes here, THAT one goes there!"

07 May


Originally posted by LordByrnsy

@EA_Charlemagne how long now can we expect servers to stay live before the plug gets pulled completely?

That’s not something we’d consider for many years. Since EA has shared servers for most games, many older games still have their servers. Same will be true for SWS.

06 May


Originally posted by Kazehana_3

Out of curiously, are you and the dev team moving to anything else specific?

Yes, Motive has been working on their next projects for some time now, per their studio blog by Patrick.


Originally posted by Dhczack

The game isn't even a year old.

It's also not a live service title. I think we were pretty clear about that from the start.


Originally posted by Raving_Ducks

ht be using that term a bit more broadly than you are. Our data shows that the A-wing is still performing very well at all but the very, very highest levels of play, and at that point it's impossible for us to outright balance around player skill. (Yes, we're saying you're too good, haha.)

What is the data on the tie bomber out of curiosity?

I think the a wing gets edged out by the tie bomber in top tier play

TIE bomber is definitely a strong starfighter. Not to the point where we're super concerned about it (like with the defender in the past). We didn't want to risk nerfing it too much and then not being able to revert it, knowing this was our last tuning pass. Honestly, with how metas shift and skills grow, we could rebalance forever. At some point, we have to take a step back, though.


Originally posted by Reign1701A

Repeating from another post:

BARRRFFFFFFF. X-Wings and Y-Wings don't need to be bouncier and have a higher TTK. A-Wings remain nerfed to obscurity and B-Wing is still a meme. Tie Bomber w/reinforced hull is still ridiculously OP, Defenders are still silly-dumb.

These changes are aimed at the "top-tier", but I'm nearly 100% sure nobody in the top tier suggested these changes to address faction imbalance. I'm not happy.

But I'll add this: thank you Charlemagne and the rest of the dev team for your ongoing support. I hope that if there's an opportunity down the line, the original Dev team can take another crack at a balancing pass. Or better yet...Squadrons 2 :)

When we say "top tier," we might be using that term a bit more broadly than you are. Our data shows that the A-wing is still performing very well at all but the very, very highest levels of play, and at that point it's impossible for us to outright balance around player skill. (Yes, we're saying you're too good, haha.)

These changes should make the experience more balanced for a majority of players, but for those of you who are forging the meta, it's hard to get it perfect.


And with that, this is also our last planned community post. Thanks for everything, pilots. You're an incredible community who we're privileged to have.

And remember. The Force will be with you. Always.


The following are our final server-side balancing changes we’re making:

Starfighters & Components

Overall, things are looking good across both factions, with the Galactic Empire having a bit of an edge for victories over the New Republic in Fleet Battles. To even out the win rates a bit more at the top tier of play, we’re tweaking the X-wing and the Y-wing to make them slightly more agile, allowing them to better challenge Imperial starfighters and objectives.

  • Reduced X-wing boost activation cost by 12.5%
  • Reduced Y-wing boost activation cost by 18.75%

May the Force be with you, pilots. We’ll see you in the stars.

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05 May


That’s Commander Tano to you, pilot.

02 May


Originally posted by Alex_Le_Great

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. If you're familiar with "Fighter Squadron" from Star Wars Battlefront 2015, then you'll recognize a lot of these sounds, they're ripped almost exclusively from there. Even the beeping when Grey gets hit by debris in beginning is from there, and if you listen closely that "Low health " beeping from the game is also added to here, among many other things. Thank you for the support.

It didn't make it into the final mix but at one point, at around 5:04 when Grey throttles up, there was a distinct sound of the interceptor responding that I always liked; it really sold that this was a working machine just holding together but still able to pull off one last manoeuvre. Always impressed by the difference small details can make.

01 May

30 Apr

29 Apr

12 Apr


That's great! Nice to see the Temperance getting some love :D

10 Apr


Awesome. May the Force be with her. :)

07 Apr


The following are the server-side balancing changes we've made this week:

Starfighters & Components

Three key starfighters are getting rebalancing this week to provide a healthier meta at high and top tiers of play without negatively impacting the wider playerbase.

TIE defender

The TIE defender is a powerful starfighter when it comes to power management and reducing its energy pool too much risks invalidating what makes it unique, so for this balancing pass we’re making rapid power management a bit more costly without nerfing its stats too hard. Additionally, we’re reducing some of the ammo it has available, allowing it to still function in its intended role but while requiring additional support for longer engagements.

  • Increased boost activation cost by 15%
  • Decreased boost charge rate by 10%
  • Concussion mission ammo count reduced from 6 to 4
  • Ion missile ammo co...
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Hey there @hibnit32 Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass this on to the team🦾

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