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25 Feb


Originally posted by ImperialAce1985

u/ea_charlemagne this issue was not present before this week's update. I am no able to even find a match of Dogfight mode until after 8+ minutes. This is an extremely long time to queue worse than Fleet Battles queue time.

We did some under the hood changes specifically to Dogfight, so we'll keep an eye on them and tweak them as needed. Thanks for the feedback!


Originally posted by StonesideAF

Did you also do something to the matchmaking in Dogfights? I was playing today and the matches seemed a lot more balanced. I didn't have a single match were I was hammering on newbs, it was all similar level sweats...

The only problem was that I was waiting quite a bit longer to get into a match (queing with one buddy) He's got good stats 4.25 K/D and like Level 80 something and I'm a 2.85 K/D level 160.

To be clear, the matches were awesome but we were waiting 5-7 minutes with a few that were even longer. I don't mind you keeping me away from clubbing newbs. That's fine. But waiting that long to get a match definitey had me stop playing earlier, today, than I would have.

I appreciate you endlessly trying to improve this game before you stop tending to it... Just reporting what I experience. Also really appreciate how quickly you guys respond to people on twitter. Ian and Charlemange both responded the other day when the EA server had a few hiccups.

Yes, yesterday's MM change should result in better dogfights (but, yes, longer wait times on average) and slightly shorter avg wait times for fleet battles. No changes have been made to coop MM, as it doesn't have any skill-based elements.

We will continue to monitor and adjust further if needed (if the dogfight MM changes prove to cause too big of a tradeoff in terms of wait times, for instance).


Originally posted by Cascades_Climber

It will backfill if someone leaves during the initial 120sec ship selection phase before match start. And the issue is it fills with literally anyone it can find.

That was indeed true. Until the change we made two weeks ago. It now accounts for MMR when backfilling. It’s not weighed as strongly as it is on initial game creation (since we don’t want you timing out waiting for someone to backfill if we can avoid it) but it’s definitely a factor now.

24 Feb


Originally posted by AlcomIsst

TIE defender shield regeneration rate decreased by 35%




Originally posted by arctic_ninja

just to confirm, the TIE Defender changes are already applied and the matchmaking updates are going live tomorrow?

Everything is live right now except the leaver penalty. That'll have downtime tomorrow. The matchmaking improvements are also live.


The following are the server-side balancing changes we've made this week:


  • Matchmaking improvements to reduce time to find a match while retaining balance
    • No matchmaking changes were made last week as we were monitoring changes from the week prior
  • Skill Rating penalty added when leaving from the Fleet Battles lobby
    • This will go live on 25 February after a brief downtime

Starfighters & Components

After last week’s tuning, the TIE defender is performing more in line with our expectations but is still overperforming at the top levels of competition. After listening to feedback and comparing it to our data, we’re reducing the shield regen rate and tweaking the boost for the TIE defender.

The TIE defender will still perform very similarly at most levels of gameplay to how it does now but the “boost skipping” technique used in ...

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23 Feb


Originally posted by MessaBombadWarrior


I confirm nothing except that more SW stories are a good thing _^

22 Feb

20 Feb


Great work!

19 Feb


Originally posted by BlackBricklyBear

Thank you for responding when you did. If the issue didn't turn out to be what it was, I would have used EA Help.

Did you resolve it?

18 Feb


Originally posted by BlackBricklyBear

Which part of EA Help will help me? Is it this part of the EA official forums for this game?

I just tried re-downloading and re-installing the game, and it still won't run. is where you can chat with a customer service rep and report any issue.


Originally posted by BlackBricklyBear

Yes, something is definitely up with this game. I hope the devs put out a message clarifying this. Can we get some help, u/EA_Charlemagne ?

I haven't heard anything about this, so I'd reach out to EA Help for assistance.

17 Feb


Originally posted by turkeyder

Shame on you for being lazy. How hard would it be to get an emp vs emp or NR vs NR?

That was a very impolite comment.


Originally posted by geofurb

Can you tell us what time it was pushed to live? Wondering if I was rusty from a week off or if the extra boost cost has tweaked my T/D boost+drift chaining.

It was around 10:30 AM EST. Any online (not solo/practice) match started since then should have the changes, since the changes are pulled down upon match launch.


Originally posted by factoid_

Will that ever change? I get that you don’t necessarily want to devote resources to patch releases, which are a big deal, but practice mode is a valuable tool for testing loadouts and it would be a shame if it didn’t reflect actual game stats.

Maybe once you’re done with all your balance tweaks they could be made into a single patch to incorporate into the offline code?

Very unlikely, sorry. By and large the team has moved on to their next projects, so full patches are no longer viable (see our recent news post). That’s why we’re using this backend-based approach for these balance and MM updates—it’s not nearly so resource intensive, which fortunately allows us a little bit more time to fine-tune the experience. :)


Originally posted by coolv1bes

How long (roughly) will it take to propagate to the live servers? People in matches are still seeing the old values and are curious what the time-to-live is.

Merci beaucoup!

Already live everywhere as far as I know.


Quick Clarification: These balance updates are done via the backend rather than a "patch," which means that they only apply online. So you'll see them in a dogfight or PVP fleet battle, but if you try practice mode or solo fleet battles you won't see the change.


The following are the server-side balancing changes we've made this week:

Starfighters & Components

We’ve taken our first pass on both the B-wing and the TIE defender in this balancing update. In the event we’ve over- or undertuned certain aspects of each starfighter, we’ll make further tweaks in the coming weeks.

The B-wing was struggling to get to objectives, so we’ve increased its mobility to be closer to the other starfighters while flying directly at a target. You’ll see some large percentage changes below because of that. B-wings will be able to boost more frequently but the boost charge will deplete faster when power to engines isn’t maxed out.

  • Increased boost charge rate by 100%
  • Increased boost loss rate by 500%
    • Boost loss rate now 50% higher than other starfighters
  • Increased boost activation cost by 100%
  • Decreased maneuverability penalty ...
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15 Feb

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