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Latest Patch NotesMaintenance - July 26th, 2019 (28 days ago)

15 Aug

Originally posted by ChrisGansler

Hey. Sorry for the late reply. Are you guys still experiencing this right now? We'll investigate what caused it.

We seem to have found the cause and are doing some back-end work on servers, this shouldn't impact players that are online.

Hey. Sorry for the late reply. Are you guys still experiencing this right now? We'll investigate what caused it.

14 Aug

13 Aug

Originally posted by cfox0835

Ohhkaaayyy, so..... how long until the Mastery system is ready? Seems like a pretty important detail you left out.

For good reason, we don't announce these things in a comment chain on reddit. Once we have a good understanding of what goes where we'll make sure to announce it.

Originally posted by wmandra

First, there was a ton of player feedback offered on PTS forums that laid out just how poor of an overall experience the Kenly expedition was. That you chose to ignore that feedback and release the expedition anyway was bad decision #2. (Bad decision #1 being how the expedition even made it to the PTS in the first place). Episode 1 should have been released with just the new main missions (Zoo and White Oak) and new classified assignments.

Second, no type of "Mastery" system is going to fix the fundamental replayability problems with the expedition. At least for myself, the Shepherd system helps offer some replayability as I can gain Shepherd rank while helping others through the expedition.

Given where we are at now with poor decision making, removing the expedition in its current form is just insult to injury. Here's my suggestions on what the correct (or at least better decisions would be now):

  1. Forget the weekly rotation of expedition areas. it's du...
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Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll make sure to pass it along.

Originally posted by AtheonsLedge

If only there were some sort of ...server where the public could maybe...test things?

We did test the Expedition and the feedback was similar to what we've seen now. On top of it we now also received feedback from console players about their experience with Kenly College.

Originally posted by Cinobite

Could you explain a bit about what this "Mastery" system is?

We're still refining it and the feedback given right now will likely also impact it. That's why I'm vague about it, since it could still change. It'll likely ask you to finish the Investigation Areas more quickly and challenge you with your own completion time. Other challenges are also possible but we'll have more details in the upcoming weeks.

Originally posted by future_glory

Thanks for commenting on this thread Chris. Please know that I think that Kenly College is beautiful, just unfortunately not enough to do. The Expeditions feel like drawn out missions with little to no connection to the world of DC (it’s an abandoned college but we need to dump a bunch of toxic chemicals so that we can save Kenly College and thusly DC? Why?). The puzzles are too simple and not engaging (follow this color and turn this knob/press this button).

I would love for this area to be repurposed for Underground 2.0 (minus the procedural generation of the tunnels). Utilize the great layout of these buildings to have new and exciting fights/waves/spawn locations/etc. Scrap the idea of the Expedition and bring it back as something that is manipulatable, like the Underground directives, so that there can be long-lasting replayability.

Is this, by chance, what you intend to introduce with the Mastery system?

I would also love to see the outdoor areas in b...

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The story behind Kenly College made sense to me but I can see that it's not super clear if you don't see the College location as valuable with the functions it has. The audio files from the convoy give a pretty good overview, but I don't think that how important the College is for the D.C. survivors makes a big difference for how fun it is to play, at least for most players.

Changing Expedition into something completely different is unlikely as it would require a lot of work. The Mastery system would give you challenges to finish the Investigation Areas more quickly, more skillfully and then measure your success. It's not going to make Kenly College to a completely new mode, if that makes sense.

In terms of what loot is dropping where, that's a a different topic and definitely something we're looking at for possible improvements of the loot gain. But not just for Kenly College.

Originally posted by Simon-says-what

We had two options before the release of Episode 1:

Please stop always painting these scenarios like they're dictated by god or some other higher power. You had plenty more options, like:

  • Finishing the content before release
  • Delaying the release of the title Update
  • Delaying the release of just Kenly college

You regularly do the same thing with bugs and all sorts of issues, and it starts to feel disingenous (to me). You make this game, you have all the options in your hands, and noone else is dictating your actions, and noone else is to blame for your mistakes.

Yes, true. I oversimplified our options. It's true that we could've just not released Kenly College at all until the Mastery system was done. But as it's not ready yet we'd have no new content at all until that point. While we could've made that decision, I personally don't think it would've been the correct one.

Originally posted by V501stLegion

They have done such an absolute shit job with this first episode. Even just explaining what expeditions are and what they intend for them seems to be beyond their capabilities at the moment. Are there other expedition sites coming? When is this one coming back? And what would be the purpose or incentive to actually do this again? They really should have spent resources building an Underground 2.0/Infinite Dungeon type thing.

Expedition is what has been seen in the game so far but it's currently missing the Mastery system. The plan is that Kenly College will be the returning Expedition in the future, once the Mastery system is ready.

We had two options before the release of Episode 1:

  • Not release Kenly College without the Mastery system
  • Release Kenly College without the system and get player feedback on the basic experience

We decided to go with the second option. Player feedback has been pretty much what V501stLegion has summarized and we understand that it's not a gameplay experience that many will repeat often. Therefore our thought was to not do the planned cycle (3 Investigation Areas open one after the other, Kenly closes for a couple of weeks, 3 Investigation Areas open one after the other, Kenly closes, etc.) but wait for the Mastery system to be ready.

We don't need to close Kenly College for a long time now if players feel like they're mis...

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12 Aug

Reminders - August 2019

11 days ago - Ubi-Alien on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by andyrob102
@ Ubi-Amper . . Can we have more clarification on this?

Since when was Kenly College a temporary mission? What happened to the mastery system, were we'd play it over and over and get better scores and better loot?

How can we play it over again if it's gone? What purpose does it serve taking it away?
Hello hello,

Here you can find my reply that you might find useful (took from... Read more

11 Aug

10 Aug


We noticed some of you didn’t receive the Diamondback exotic rifle upon completing the Expeditions.

If you have completed all three Investigation Areas in Kenly College and were unable to pick up your Diamondback, you can reach out to Customer Support team.

You will then receive a low Diamondback version and all the exotic materials needed in order to craft the Gear Score 500 exotic rifle with the upgrade blueprint automatically available at Inaya al-Khaliq in the Base of Operations.

In order to be eligible, you need to make sure you’ve co... Read more

09 Aug

Reminders - August 2019

14 days ago - UbiAmper on Forums - Thread - Direct

With several in-game activities active, we have a few reminders for everyone:

  • Don't forget to pick up your Expedition Care Package from the "Grants" tab in your stash before August 13th. This includes the new "Flash" Backpack trophy. More details are available ...
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We temporarily disabled the "marking" functionality in PvP due to issues discovered on the PTS that we couldn't fix in time for Episode 1.

It will be re-enabled later.

/ Johan

Impressive work!

Can you PM me the following information:

Ubisoft Account: Platform: Support Ticket #:

Thanks! / Johan

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