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Latest Patch NotesPatch Notes: Gunner - June 18th, 2019 (about 2 hours ago)


Maintenance - June 18th, 2019 [COMPLETE]

about 21 hours ago - UbiAmper on Forums - Thread - Direct
Greetings Agents,

The servers will shut down for maintenance Tuesday, June 18th 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

We will be deploying Title Update 4 during this maintenance. Patch notes will become available during the downtime.

Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

Thank you,
The Division 2 Team

Buying the game for a friend.

1 day ago - Ubi-Lucipus on Forums - Thread - Direct
Yeah unfortunately it's not possible to gift through Uplay.
I have sent you a DM.

Closing thread due to naming & shaming, trolling and toxicity.
Closing thread due to it's inappropriate language and toxic nature.


1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Little tubes of terror flying in front of my camera and startling me every time...
Originally Posted by Anubis-Solitus
So the game does have a stealth mechanic.
I have a very stealth-focused playstyle.

Burn the battlefield with the flame turret and suppressing fire until there's no one left to detect me.

Getting More Buggy...!

1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Did these issues persist after restarting the game?

16 Jun

This game is a dead end

1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Please try to keep the thread going with advice, tips, or suggestions for a struggling player. The needlessly aggressive comments trying to mock the OP or claiming they're a troll don't do anything to help the discussion. Some missions can be difficult under pressure and certain encounters can be deadly with one or two wrong movements putting you in a bad spot.

Make an effort to be helpful and, barring that, be respectful. Thank you.
Originally Posted by Dante-Yoda
Hello to all

I purchased this game at release and well honestly it was way to hard solo, it was really hard getting groups to join and the game suffered AI wise.. I'm just wondering if the updates we've had maybe adjusted the game game some so solo customers like me can still enjoy the game now?

Is it worth reinstalling.. Also did the loots ever get any better after launch? A lot of stuff wasn't dropping and skills and gear was very lackluster..
There have been numerous changes to certain aspects of the difficulty in the game. Enemies have had behavioral changes such as fixing issues with aggression and reducing grenade spam - as ... Read more
Originally Posted by Uhnomuhlee
I have played games all my life. My parents have bought me every game this year and last. I have countless experience with gaming and design and in all my years and gaming and asking my mom, I have yet to see a game this broke and just UN...FUN.

There are more problems, that I could easily fix for you, I have made 3 apps, but that's not the point. The pint is EVERYONE notices these glaring flaws and are leaving the game. It takes 20 FULL SECONDS to join some groups. That's almost as long as I play sometimes at nightbup late past 9. That's when everyone is playing. I see them on my friends list playing Fortnite.

I'm out and will not buy another Ubisoft game ever, and am out, and I'm not playing thebdivison 2 anymore and I...
Read more

15 Jun

Who are the "star players"?

3 days ago - UbiInsulin on Forums - Thread - Direct
Shouting out the Star Players does not mean ignoring other players. Having issues with The Division 2 is fine, but highlighting this clip as a reason for those issues is a bit much.

This is a 10 second friendly acknowledgment of people who Ubisoft invited to E3, only some of whom even play The Division.

Thread closed.

Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one <3

Originally Posted by Kwoung
This is an actual problem for many people, and a seriously more prominent issue in an online game. These players, whether they admit it or not on the forums, can't be forced into social interactions they want no part of, thus feel gated from the content forcing them to leave the game and make new friends elsewhere, just to participate in an in-game activity.

The fact that you guys put so much research into how withholding loot will drive player engagement, but failed to see this as an issue at all, is just wrong. You obviously have done some research on player mentality (which is flawed IMHO), so why didn't you figure this out?
This i... Read more
Originally Posted by CptDookie
The raid just sort of ruined this game for me.One of my biggest issues with Destiny was that due to various reasons i don't raid so i miss out on content,i hate that.For a very long time that was an advantage that The Division had over it for me.Not anymore,and there is just going to be more raids with more content i will never see.Am i in the minority with how i feel?
I can definitely understand this. There are a lot of games that I can engage with and enjoy 100% of the content the game has to offer and those are often among my favorite (or at least that I stick with for a while). Not having that can be a bummer, for sure. If I may ask, is it the matt... Read more
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