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Latest Patch NotesPatch Notes: Operation Dark Hours - May 15th, 2019 (9 days ago)

21 May

There are plenty of resources available with varying levels of detail on platforms like Reddit, our Discord, and other video game related publications. Be sure to send what you find you your Raid squad mates as well!

Dark Hours apparel caches

3 days ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by TCs_LCD_Dave
I'll try finishing the project and see if that prompts the game to do something.

I only have one character, so it isn't that.

I don't really want to wait until I only have 2 days left, I'll definitely miss out then.

I really hope it's not just another RNG thing. I wonder how long Massive would last if we all just rolled a 12 sided dice to decide if we buy their next product. They'd probably love that since they believe in RNG so much...
Not only for the OP but also anyone/everyone else that might need the information, here's the article talking about ... Read more
Hey everyone. For those who have received numerous drops only to find that no more are dropping, there are only so many apparel items in the world and at one point you will reach that limit and no more will drop. For those who have barely collected any apparel and feel that they are few and far between, unfortunately it is fickle RNG being fickle RNG. Believe me, I know the pain of constantly swapping out my clothing trying to find the getup that clicks.

On a personal note, I have found that doing varied activities has led to slightly more frequent apparel drops (like right after rescuing a hostage or finishing a mission or capturing a control point), but keep in mind this is super anecdotal and loaded with confirmation bias.

Also keep in mind that with the Apparel events, after they each end in turn, more apparel items will be added to the world's pool. The current Dark Hours Apparel Event should be transitioning its items into regular circulation around ... Read more

Originally posted by georgios82

Thanks for being here and communicating with us by the way. Means a lot.

I guess what I am personally hoping for is that next content updates will not be as problematic as TU3. TD2 and the whole franchise is by far one of my favorite ones and I hope to see Massive stepping up their game in areas that right now are hurting the game.

Thanks for the feedback, it really means a lot to us as well. We'll do our best to make it a better experience for sure.

Brand Sets - Talents and Mods

3 days ago - Ubi-Lucipus on Forums - Thread - Direct
That is super useful, I have bookmarked this myself

Massive Appreciation Thread

3 days ago - Ubi-Johan on Forums - Thread - Direct
Please keep it civil everybody.

Criticism of the game is absolutely fine, as long as it's done in a respectful tone.

Attacking other forum members due to their opinion about the game (good or bad) will not be tolerated.

Russians Detected

3 days ago - Ubi-Johan on Forums - Thread - Direct
I have to admit, i heard the same thing and confusion ensued.

Originally posted by Kambz22

Is there anywhere to submit information for bugs? I know we had a thread here for the PTS but I don't see anything currently.

Even if it is a known issue, I know some more detail around when the issue occurs may help diagnose and solve it.

Yes, we have dedicated Technical Support forums. We have staff dedicated to look at these regularly, but we also scan reddit and our social media channels for reports.

Thanks for your help!

Originally posted by georgios82

I get your point, however some of the issues like the reintroduction of the erratic NPC behavior, gun sound problem etc are easily discoverable after 10-20 mins of casual gameplay.

I don't think there's any advantage of having them go live and find them there.

As an IT professional with many years on the field I assure you most of the times management thinks otherwise

As a Community professional for 5 years and having worked in triple A for nearly 9 now, I have never heard that ever. We even delayed Title Update 3 and the raid to further work on the patch. I understand that it's frustrating and I definitely agree (and the team does too) that those issues should be found earlier. But I'm in contact with the dev team, with QA/QC and just people playing the internal builds here every day. It's not like anybody is trying to hide these issues, they just were not found.

I also don't experience all of the issues described here. As you can see in my post history, I have the aggressive AI too. But I have not had any audio issues at all so far.

That's why we're so fortunate to have our community that will bring up these issues as fast as they do and also provide us with reproduction steps and other ways that help us identify these issues.

Originally posted by 8thDegreeSavage

Why jam all this onto this thread tho?

You should be starting threads for each of these issues not hiding it on some random post

I understand the sentiment, but we don't open threads on reddit. We just leverage the info from here. The more info I get, the more I can forward. I can see that change in the future, but we would need to have more dedicated resources looking at reddit specifically.

Originally posted by georgios82

My question is you don’t QA test your new builds especially if they contain a lot of changes like TU3? Please take no offense but all of us have paid a full price for this game, season pass etc. It’s not fair that almost always we end up becoming the QA testers of the half baked patches you push out. Isn’t it better to delay a patch than break the game similar to what happened with TU3?

The pure amount of hours played that one day of the patch being live versus what we can internally play-test is huge. We test every build and have dedicated QA/QC teams that do so as well. It's not like we're having a better time for you to find these bugs. We have to fix them and we'd prefer to do so before the content releases. I don't think there's any advantage of having them go live and find them there.

Thanks for including screenshots!

I have passed these on internally for investigation, as this doesn't look to be working as intended.

Edit: If you guys have more examples (with screenshots or videos) of this occurring, send them over!

Originally posted by SnuggleMonster15

TU3 has surfaced some bugs that are causing this, so unfortunately we have to do a full investigation and create new fixes for these.

Hi Chris, the AI in that 48 hour window between TU3 and the Raid patch were great. As soon as the Raid update happened the AI went absolutely bonkers. I hope you guys get to the bottom of it soon because they're very frustrating to deal with at the moment. The Black Tusk in the ODZ are particularly off the charts wild.

We've seen reports as soon as immediately after maintenance Tuesday, when TU3 was applied. We think we have a good understanding now what caused it and it seems to have happened with TU3 not when the raid was opened.

We currently don't have an ETA for a fix. More details here.

I literally have more sound bugs than ever before, so do all of my clanmates.

Can you guys provide us with some examples? Please be as precise as possible. We're currently aware of a bug that stops all sound from happening for a couple of seconds and then plays all the missing sounds back at once. Please add if you have different bugs and especially when they occur, how often they occur and what hardware you're using, both in sound card / onboard sound and headsets + potential software.


And enemies behave even worse since the patch.

As Joker linked, we're looking into this right now. TU3 has surfaced some bugs that are causing this, so unfortunately we have to do a full investigation and create new fixes for these. I say unfortunately because I've seen players hoping the integration just didn't work properly, meaning it could be a quick fix. For now I don't have an estimate yet, sorry.

... Read more

Originally posted by gX-kiD

Come on Chris, aren't we past that?

You guys played this broken record for almost 3 years in The Division 1, and eventually you guys have never really fixed this issue.

Are we really supposed to have the exact same conversations again for the next 3 years?

I was not here for The Division, so I can't comment on that. From what I understand, and what the community on reddit is telling me, this was already fixed prior to Title Update 3. If you think this has always been broken, between TU2 and TU3, let me know and we can further look into it.

Some people use the post-mission readout information in... less than optimal ways unfortunately. Though I can assure you that your playstyle, especially while running something like True Patriot, is far more helpful than this other player gave you credit for. Keep up the good work, and I hope you come across more players who properly appreciate what you add to the team.

The Division 2 Needs To Be Fixed

3 days ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by galaxygamer007
I'm glad to know someone agrees with this philosophy. I really like the Division 2 but the normalization just makes me not want to play conflict or normalized DZ. I'm not trying to make another build just for normalized mode like I had to do in Division 1, when I already worked hard to make a good build. I don't mind the normalization as long as they come up with a better system. Just don't drop peoples stats down for the sake of normalization. There has to be a better way.
TU3 brought changes to the Normalization system, what do you find is the most impactful dampener on your experience from your gear being Normalized?
Hey My-Dads, Season Pass content has not yet released for The Division 2. As we move forward we will have more news to share about these but for now, the Title Updates, and Dark Hours Raid are more openly available.

Additionally, I believe Xbox players took a total of 17 hours to get platform first.

How do you feel the rewards/gear received from a Raid of this difficulty should compare to other activities within the game?

20 May

Recalibration question.

4 days ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Glad this all got sorted out. Don't hesitate to ask if any more questions come up!
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